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    Welcome Back to the final installment of Forgehub Community Favorites before the year of 2020 is officially over! Hopefully All the Americans had a good thanksgiving and all the non Americans had a great whatever it is you guys do the last week of November! Hopefully we get to see some crazy last minute forge maps with those new series X/S consoles I've seen some of our community was able to secure in the next coming months! Let's take a look at what could be the last Community Favorites before the covenant shows up to really round off the finale of 2020!

    Here are the nominations and winners for the month of November!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    For our 3rd place winner this month we have Athlon by the one and only ArturBloodshot! This symmetrical 4v4 map was created for our very own Forge The Fight contest and was one of the top 10 placing maps! Although it may not have won the contest, Athlon is a great map which offers a competitive layout focused on hardcore settings which varies from the traditional “Hardcore Foundry Map” that weve all grown to know. Artur also has a pretty in depth breakdown in his design process for the map which is very unique and will more than likely get some ideas going in your head if you're currently lacking for some design ideas, so if that's what you need go hop on the map and read up on the thread for Athlon to get those Forge ideas a flowing!


    In 2nd place we have the one and only usual suspect for community favorites, Arpod! Magus by Arpod is rather unique to me, as I was the one who actually supplied Arpod with the original scaled map for him to reskin in order to create this masterpiece of Sangheili architecture. At this point I've been calling up the 343 office leaving messages every other day asking for them to change the sangheili name to an Arpod reference due to the sheer number of these maps Arpod has made! Surprisingly no response yet. Not sure what else I can say about this one, perfectly scaled to the original Warlock, with a crazy unmatched aesthetic, can't go wrong playing this one for some fun throwback nights with some friends. As always fantastic work Arpod!


    In first place this month after clawing his way up from 2nd place last month, we have Miraju by HoboSteeveJacko! Miraju is unique in this line up of maps as the initial layout only took 2 hours to complete! HoboSteeveJacko then went back after the initial build time and some playtests to work on key areas which he wanted to improve upon after feeling flawed in gameplay. Miraju is akin to the Asian garden aesthetic seen in Halo Reach's Reflection which hoboSteeveJacko thought would fit the layout well. Miraju is an excellent smaller scale 4v4 map with tons of great potential for some sweaty, as well as casual games! (Plus there's a gong on the map that you can hit with a hammer!) Excellent stuff this month HoboSteeveJacko, and congrats on the 1st place placing!

    Congrats to all winners this month and hopefully we can all make it through to the end of the year 2020 Covenant invasion season finale to see more creations from all of you in the coming months! Keep the forge maps a coming folks!

    Later from your favorite,
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Discussion in 'Features' started by Foge, Dec 5, 2020.

    1. HoboSteeveJacko
      In addition to the Gong, the tea pot steams when you shoot it and if either team gets a 2 point lead on the other it plays a unique music cue for each team. Thanks so much for your compliments :) and congrats to the other contestants and winners
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    2. ArturBloodshot
      As I said earlier, I really love Magus and Miraju. Amazing designs!
      Also I'm glad a H3 Forge map made it to this podium. Congrats to everyone! :evil:
    3. Skisma
      Whoa, Frailty made it into the nominations? Congrats to the winners!
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    4. Donuts4TW
      Hey I know about this map that I think should be featured in the community favorites. It's kind of a hidden gem. It's called "Unsteady" and the whole map is set to normal physics and it swings and turns on a joint. I think it deserves to be spotlighted for the community.
      Also I made the map.
    5. Foge
      Haha, the favorites for the month are chosen and voted on based off of engagement and community voting from maps posted recently in the prior month to the articles coming out. Staff has zero involvement with what ultimately gets chosen.
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