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    Welcome back to another series of ForgeHub's Community Favorite Maps! We gathered all of your nominations from last month and put the top ten maps up for a vote. Here are the nominations and winners!

    Infermacy takes place within the city of New Alexandria with the invasion of the covenant. A city order of evacuation left the hospital vacant with only hospital patients who were left behind. Covenant air ships still control the sky with phantoms patrolling the remains.

    Palindrome is a medium sized symmetrical 4v4 map themed after an underground Forerunner ruin. The map is made up of several small interconnected rooms and a large open cave system. The original inspiration for this map was the Destiny multiplayer map "Burning Shrine". Over time, the layout took on a life of it's own and evolved into Palindrome. One of the goals with this map was to create a map that could support both CTF and Strongholds. The Stronghold locations form a triangle in the map, with the central point being near a one-way teleporter. This sends players to an elevated platform looking down over the other two Strongholds, creating an interesting dynamic.

    Elysic is a re-imagined version of the author's previous covenant map titled Edelon. It takes the central structure of Edelon and builds a whole new experience around it. As a result, the map is more refined with intuitive paths allowing for cleaner movement. Elysic also gives stronger emphasis on the arching ramps that gave Edelon its unique experience.
    We can't wait to see what other maps the community makes. Tune in next time as we'll be sharing some of the best maps made each month!

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Discussion in 'Features' started by WARHOLIC, Mar 13, 2019.

      Yep, that makes sense! All really good maps.
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    2. Arpod
      Congrats to all the winners. What happened to the February ones though?
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      This article actually features the Feb nominations; it's just titled differently now. I wanted the article titles to match the month they're announced in, which is more intuitive if anyone is digging through the archive. Every time we released articles in the past it sounded like last month's news; changing the title will make it sound more new and relevant.

      So next month, the best maps from March will be titled: 'Community Favorites: April 2019' since they're posted in April. It's a small detail but something we want to continue with moving forward.
    4. Arpod
      Ah gotcha.
      Ah gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.
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    5. The muddler
      The muddler
      I made a video on a cool map upcoming.
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    6. CertifiedChamp
      when's the next community favorites post?
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