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By Ascend Hyperion on Apr 5, 2017 at 7:48 PM
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    Hey again everyone! Another month has passed us by and with that another community favorites vote! Like always, we had some great choices this time around! The community has spoken and the votes are in. Let's pull the list back up and jump into our winners!

    3rd Place.jpg

    Return to the shield world, Onyx, in this astounding Extermination map by Ryouji Gunblade. He has transformed a work of Halo literature into a breathing environment loaded full of fancy Forerunner tech that enhances the chaotic and intense scenarios of Extermination.

    2nd Place.jpg

    Last call for the train! Sikamikanico returns to the community favorites ballot with his old west-inspired core map, Dead on Arrival. Sik has given players the ability to travel back in time and have epic showdowns to decide who's the new sheriff in town.

    1st Place.jpg

    Here it is folks! The winner for this month's community favorites. Built by AceOfSpades, Augury delivers the impact of a powerful, ambiguous Forerunner environment coupled with seamless meshing of nature and structure. Purpose built for Extermination, players may find themselves side tracked with the beauty of the environment, only to be greeted with a rogue grenade that returns them to their senses.

    As always, the Forgehub Staff would like to congratulate all of this month's contestants! We are eager to see what April has to offer. See you soon!​
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Discussion in 'Features' started by Ascend Hyperion, Apr 5, 2017.

    1. Sikamikanico
      I was robbed!

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    2. Agent Zero85
    3. ArturBloodshot
      Nice! Exactly the same picks I made! Congrats to everyone /,,/
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    4. K a n t a l o p e
      K a n t a l o p e
      I thought that your map had a pirate's cove kind of theme. Am I wrong?
      I need to get back in the forge game. I only saw two of these maps.

      One of them was the Doom hallway which was awesome.
    6. ZombieDyer5
      I'm starting to think it's only core people who vote on these things now.
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    7. HeX Reapers
      HeX Reapers
      Maybe that's because there's only like 5 people in this community who exclusively do minigames. (Maybe like 10 for Infection)
    8. ZombieDyer5
      hahahahahaha not even close bud :)
    9. HeX Reapers
      HeX Reapers
      Exhibit A ^
    10. Ascend Hyperion
      Ascend Hyperion
      Really? Last month an infection map won the vote and a grifball court the month before that.
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    11. ZombieDyer5
      They did?
    12. Ascend Hyperion
      Ascend Hyperion
      Yeah. Nautilus, an infection map won last month and the one before that was @ArturBloodshot 's Grifball court.
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    13. AceOfSpades
      Oh ****, hey thanks people :)
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    14. ZombieDyer5
      Still both matchmaking maps tho. X)
    15. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      Not completely accurate. Artur's court got 3rd in the last one, which you won.
      Here are all the winners since Community Favorites re-launched last summer:
      Augury - Core/Mini Game? (Extermination)
      Nautilus - Infection
      Elixir - Core
      Aerocrest - Core
      Guardian - Core
      Thelios - Core
      Old Salt - Core
      Fever Pitch - Core
      Loading Zone - Core

      I'd say staff maps...I mean...core maps have been pretty dominant.
    16. Ascend Hyperion
      Ascend Hyperion
      Oh **** lol. Man I could've sworn Inheritor and Nautilus were different months
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    17. Generai PUG
      Generai PUG
      the trailer park
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    18. ZombieDyer5
      EXACTLY! bruh XD #corruptstaff
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    19. Dunco
      I don't think these maps even won the popular vote
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