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    Welcome Back to another installment of Forgehub Community Favorites! Seeing as Connie has now officially left the Forgehub team, I guess you will all be seeing a lot more coming from me in the future! (Articles that is) This month we see the return of old faces and even some fresh forge meat! We here at the Forgehub team have been very pleased with what you have all been creating with all that free time in isolation. Without further adieu let's get started.

    Here are the nominations and winners for the month of June!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    In third place we have a newcomer for Halo 5: Forge with that being none other than TekTek! With his first attempt in using the Halo 5 forge tool, he has created Neue Cleos. This map was made around 2 main ideas, the use of triangular symmetry, and Doom Eternals flow and feel in arenas. These served as guidelines that TekTek used to create the map in its finished state. The map features 3 bases that flow into each other in a circular ring, and bridges from each base that reach into the center of the map. A great map for fun games of some 2v2v2 multiteam for sure. And most importantly TekTek has hidden a GRD Doll on the map, just like a collectible in Doom, the question is, can you find it? Great job this month TekTek and we look forward to what you will create in the future!


    In second place this month we have Bonsai from Buddy Jumps! With his latest and last core map for Halo 5, this 2v2 map takes after China's hanging monasteries high in the mountains, and is visually inspired by the beginning of Princess Mononoke. (For you fellow non weebs out there, it's a great animated film and if you're into that, I would recommend watching.) The map is built around the idea of having tight engaging battles while indoors, but also have longer out of red reticle range battles to cause for a mixture of what Buddy Jumps calls “tension and release”. The buildings on the map are also strategically placed to allow for jumps between them causing each gun fight you get into to never be the same as the last. Great job this month Buddy Jumps! And we hope to see a lot more from you come the launch of Halo: Infinite!


    Now finally in first place this month we have Arpod yet again! He has won first place in last months and this month's community favorites! The question I think we are all curious about is whether or not he will be able to pull off first for next month to pull in that coveted Forgehub Community Favorites hat trick. Verdant is the winning map for Arpod this month, and as per the usual Arpod, the map features (yup you guessed it) sangheili architecture! At this point I think we gotta get in contact with someone over at 343 and get them to rename the sangheili style into the Arpod style. Verdant is a remake of Overgrowth from Halo 5 (yes the game we are all still playing) and if the map wasn't well overgrown enough for you, then this version of the map should have no problem satisfying that same abandoned vibe, just less human like and more Sanghelios with more overgrowth! The map features the exact same layout and spawns/objectives as the original, so those familiar with the map should have no problem playing it just as they would with base overgrowth, just with a different theme attached to it. A big Congrats on first place yet again Arpod! And we all look forward to what you may have up your sleeve for next month to get that coveted hat trick!

    Congrats once again to all those that placed this month, and if even if you didn't, we are certainly excited to see what everyone creates in the future! This will be the last community favorites before we get to finally see some of that sweet Halo: Infinite gameplay we've all been waiting for, so possibly we will see some Halo: Infinite inspired creations next month? We shall see. Until next time!
    Later from your favorite,
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Discussion in 'Features' started by Foge, Jul 2, 2020.

    1. Arpod
      Thanks so much everyone for voting for my map for June. Truly an honor to have 2 maps in first place 2 months in a row. I will try hard to get that hat trick for next month but there are some very talented forgers out there and the competition will be extremely difficult cause there are so many amazing creations being made even today with the game being as old as it is. So awesome to see what people are stil coming up with. Congrats to the 2nd and 3rd also on their amazing maps too.

      Also check out a map i made around the same time as these called Life Force. It's a floating island map with an alien theme to it. I would love to see this one for consideration in the community favorites at some point too. I really love the way it turned out. And it plays well too. Thanks again everyone! This is arpod, out!
    2. D4rkDeath
      I admire your work Arpod!
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    3. TekTek
      Wow didn't expect to ever see my name on those favorites! Thx a lot

      I really love how Buddy Jumps nailed the asian architecture esthetics
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