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    Welcome back to another series of ForgeHub's Community Favorite Maps! We gathered all of your nominations from last month and put the top ten up for a vote. Here are the nominations and winners for June!

    Stand Clear was submitted to our recent Husky Raid Forge contest and was highly regarded for its innovative scripting and interactive elements. The trains in the center of the map really diversify the traditional Husky Raid formula and provide a unique experience.
    Dead Heat is the reimagining of Halo 3's Standoff by our friend NOKYARD. Originally created as Deadlock in the first iteration of Halo 5's Forge, Dead Heat is mostly a visual update with a few notable changes in geometry. Hop into a game of BTB for a chance to match on this incredible map today!
    Yeti for Hire's latest 2v2 won the hearts of our voters this month. Temple of Gow is a fun map that draws inspiration from Chiron-TL34 from Halo:CE. The notable differences between the two is a lesser number of rooms and the rooms appear next to one another, allowing you to quickly navigate towards your teammate's marker. We look forward to more creativity from Yeti in the future.
    We can't wait to see what other maps the community makes. Tune in next time as we'll be sharing some of the best maps made each month!

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Discussion in 'Features' started by WAR, Jun 28, 2019.

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