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    Welcome back to another series of ForgeHub's Community Favorite Maps! As I awaken from cryosleep after my year-long hiatus here on ForgeHub staff, I'm excited to see that whilst some things change for the better, the creativity and dedication of the forge community hasn't wavered an inch. Hopefully you're not too spoiled by WARHOLIC's carefully crafted articles in my absence, because you're all stuck with me again; but I know as well as anyone that change is good.

    We gathered all of your nominations from last month and put the top ten up for a vote. Here are the nominations and winners!

    Chronmeister is no stranger to ForgeHub's Community spotlight. His ability to consistently crank out interesting and unique designs rivals my own tenacity for walking around his maps alone in custom games whispering "huh!" to myself every 30 seconds. High Court, like many other Chron maps, is a 1v1 or 2v2 experience and it's visually reminiscent of Grecian architecture. With an easy-to-learn layout, High Court is accessible to all, but mastered by few.


    Try saying Cartallum Rotam quickly three times. Luckily that isn't necessary to enjoy this visually stunning co-forge between Behemoth and icyhotspartin! The map, which caters to 1v1 and 2v2 matches, is a revamped iteration of Behemoth's Halo: Reach map originally titled 'Jackbasket'. From the sound of it, Behemoth stayed true to their original vision for the geometry while enlisting icyhotspartin to help give the map its gorgeous exterior aesthetics.


    We love us a good minigame! Halo 5's forge has provided no shortage of quirky, creative and hilarious custom games to sink your teeth into (or in this case your yellow, featureless, androgynous orb-face?). Brought to you by the fab-four of forge folks, (shaudy430, hamish-k, b0b is here, and Ineedmorebleach) Pacman Retro really scratches that itch for a multiplayer take on the arcade classic. If you want to see this map in action, check a look on over at this gameplay video courtesy of UnsortedGaming.

    This is oddly similar to my pitch for a Pacman multiplayer game. Hear me out, we drop 100 ghosts onto an island with an ever shrinking ci-

    We can't wait to see what other maps the community makes. Tune in next time as we'll be sharing some of the best maps made each month!

    :heart::forgehub: The ForgeHub Team
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Discussion in 'Features' started by Connie, Jul 15, 2019.

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