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    Welcome back to yet another (late) ForgeHub's Community Favorite Maps! Deja vu, right? Allow me to extend a solemn "oops" on behalf of ForgeHub staff for missing the month of August's community favorites results. It was all Foge's fault. All of it. Nobody else's. Nobody. Else.
    More realistically, Foge is the one who handed us their proverbial paddle once we realized we were haphazardly thrashing down -Blam!- Creek. Everybody say "thank you, Foge" on three! 1... 2...

    Anyways, here are the nominations and winners for the month of January!

    Map 10.png Map 9.png Map 7.png Map 6.png Map 5.png Place_4th.png

    Place 3rd.png

    Beginning our lineup is a map I won't even pretend to know how to pronounce. MAAR DÚN's creator, MartianMallCop is no stranger to level-design, and has once again carved their way to the top. Perhaps the most stunning quality of MAAR DÚN isn't the intense 2v2 gameplay or vampiric aesthetics, but the development time. MartianMallCop has spent the better part of 2 years perfecting the map. That kind of quality is what you can always count on in our community.​

    Place 2nd.png

    Eagle-eyed fans of ForgeHub and Halo will be no stranger to this map, forged by our veteran friend SgtSlaphead. Abyss was previously featured in Halo 5's Extermination playlist, utilizing quick-paced gameplay paired with unforgiving layouts. The Abyss we see here has been methodically tweaked and modified to better suit Halo 5's Mythic settings. The familiarity of Abyss has already set it above it's fellow Mythic maps, feeling akin to a lost childhood friend coming home. This variant of Abyss has also received quite the facelift! The original was unique, as it was forged on Fathom rather than one of Halo 5's forge canvases. While this gave the incredible illusion of underwater wildlife, SgtSlaphead has opted out of the unorthodox canvas for the new and improved Mythic Abyss.​

    Place 1st.png

    Has this ever happened? I'm not checking, but I want to know if this has ever happened. SgtSlaphead takes BOTH our top spots this month! Is it any surprise that a map deemed worthy of matchmaking entry would also find it's way to the top of our radar? Our community voted and it seems you all couldn't get enough of Halo 5's Mythic maps! We can easily see why, with Frontier by SgtSlaphead being a shining example. Frontier hammers home the idea that "what's old is new again" with it's simplistic Combat Evolved aesthetic design. SgtSlaphead put great care into crafting a blend of perfect sightlines, verticality and weapons sandbox that compliment each others' strengths accordingly. Working in tandem, these aspects set Frontier above the competition, even amongst it's own Mythic brothers and sisters.​

    Congrats to all nominations and winners this month and be sure to tune back in next month (or later this month... we'll get better!) to check out more Community Favorites.​

    Later Gators, :heart:
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Discussion in 'Features' started by Connie, Feb 6, 2020.

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