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    Welcome back to another series of ForgeHub's Community Favorite Maps! We gathered all of your nominations from last month and put the top ten maps up for a vote. Here are the nominations and winners for the month of January!

    rathole.jpg fever1.jpg exesus.jpg vinegaroon.jpg unfathomable.jpg tidalisland.jpg hightower.jpg desolated ridgeline.jpg wetgateprison.jpg breach.jpg
    Our friend Arpod creates yet another remake of a famed Halo 5 map and this time around he chose 'Fathom'. The author spent roughly a few months on this project. The map is themed as a Sangheli temple so get ready to dive into some jungle juice on this one.
    Vinegaroon is a small 2v2 map with a heavy emphasis on free-flow gameplay, with every area on the map being accessible in one way or another; whether it be by going through, around or over a building, there are no restrictions, allowing you to jump around the map with ease. Certified Champ took visual inspiration from the native American Pueblo people and their clay cities and created a modern take on those cities.
    Sikamakanico teamed up with Blaze to revisit and revise the original version and spent several months refining gameplay and player flow. The theme has been heavily modified from a volcanic cavern to a more human environment while still delivering some of the original flavor of the map. We congratulate you both on creating such a unique map and look forward to see more collaborations from you in the future.
    This is a great start to the new year and we can't wait to see what other maps the community makes. Tune in next time as we'll be sharing some of the best maps from February!

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Discussion in 'Features' started by WARHOLIC, Feb 9, 2019.

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