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    Welcome back to the last of ForgeHub's Monthly Community Favorites of 2019! (I know its 2020 were a bit behind here at Forgehub HQ) Dont worry its one of our New Years Resolutions to fix the schedule for community favorites. So you can bet we will have every article on time from now on. We gathered all of your nominations from November and the community voted for these top maps . So relax by the fire, grab some of that now out of festivity eggnog that apparently nobody likes but me, and lets get into the final Community Favorites vote of the year (even though its actually the first one this year), with your results for November!

    Here are the nominations and winners for this month!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    If youve ever played Halo 3, which surely if you are reading this you almost certainly have, this map will remind you all about the mission "The Covenant", you know the cool mission with the Hornets and the two Scarabs, yea that one. Created by Nano, this BTB map takes direct inspiration from said level, and the bases are almost identical to that of the towers which you assault to bring down the shield barrier in the mission. If you wanted to itch that Halo 3 scratch while playing some BTB, be sure to gather up some buddies and give this map a go!

    I guess cold maps are in this time of year, who woulda thought. In 2nd place we have Frosty by Kreative, a map that will surely make you wish you were actually on a tropical island instead of the Antarctic location the map is set on. Frosty is a symetrical 2v2/4v4 map which has great visuals that really remind you of a cold frozen lab in the middle of nowhere. If you need a symmetrical map to get some sweaty CTF games on look no further.

    A great way to end out the year for sure is with Revolving Doors by Chronmeister. This fast paced 2v2 map is a great addition to the ever expanding library of Chronmeister maps (He's made a lot, really go check em out for yourself). Revolving doors (ironically) revolves around 2 sets of 2 way teleporters that allow for fast movement around the already rather small interior, to allow for very fast gameplay that is very entertaining to play. Looks like Chron gets his 2nd 1st place win ever. This year was certainly a good one for Chon. Be sure to check out Revolving Doors for some nice and sweaty 2v2 fun.

    Congrats to all nominations and winners this month and be sure to tune back in probably in a couple of days to check out more community favorites winners! Hope everyone had a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We will catch you next year!
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Discussion in 'Features' started by Foge, Jan 18, 2020.

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