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    Welcome back everyone! Your friendly neighborhood amish boy has barely been surviving this Winter season but nevertheless, I'm back at it again with December's community favorites results for you! We've had an incredible amount of amazing maps throughout this year and can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for this community! Before I get too emotional, lets get to the results!

    by Shooty Person

    Adding to the ever-expanding roster of remakes in Halo 5, Shooty Person has captured the beauty and feel of Longshore from Halo 3. Scaled using boundaries in both Halo 3 and Halo 5, this version is a 1:1 scale replica of the original 2010 Longshore in Halo 3. Adding to that, he went the extra mile and scaled all of the sounds throughout the map to match! With a familiar yet nostalgic haze meandering through the map in conjunction with the sound design, its hard to not smile while firing down your opponents across the map. As emphasized in Shooty's map post, be sure to play this map with ONLY Halo 3 Throwback settings as the map was not intended to make use of Halo 5's movement mechanics.

    Bloodlet Throne.png
    Bloodlet Throne
    by Soldat Du Christ & ExTerrestr1al

    Inspired by the "Control the Key" concept, Soldat decided to take a stab at it for himself to see what it was all about. Enter, Bloodlet Throne. A 2v2 map constructed from the ground up with a "Control the Key" concept in mind with scripting and tuning help by Exterrestr1al. Solid art direction and a variety of interesting and quickly recognizable play spaces help players navigate the map with ease. Interweaving the chambers and main corridors are gates that can be opened (if you ask nicely) or have a key pickup. These gates will help the player reach advantageous points to get a 1up on their opponents as well as traverse the map quicker. Integrating conglomeratively all of the design aspects that went into this can make for a very competitive atmosphere in the right scenarios.

    by Xdemption

    After being on a quiet hiatus for some time, a wild Xdemption appears and offers up his new map, Hellbent! Don't be fooled, although Hellbent is crafted with rather simple geometry, the map plays nothing short of engaging and quick. The hellish atmosphere is a nice touch that adds a lot to the map visually and further immerses the players into the match. As you venture throughout the map you'll find yourself in interesting firefights, facing off on different levels of verticality and play space size. Be sure to give this one a download to add to your 1v1 map roster! Well done, Xdemption and congratulations on securing 1st place in this month's favorites!

    The Video Team has been busy, apologies for not having a video ready to release for this month. Ascend will have to suffice for the time being:


    That does it for the last month of 2017! We look forward to seeing what lies ahead in 2018 for the community! Remember that what gets put on ballot is decided by the Forge Critics! It's up to you all to nominate maps for the vote! Not a Forge Critic? You can make suggestions for nominations to any staff member or any critic as well! Your voice matters too! Congratulations once again to all our candidates and winners!

    Forge on and leave everything and everyone better than you found them :forgehub: 0mi out :whale::whale::whale:
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Discussion in 'Features' started by The Omicron, Jan 5, 2018.

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