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    Welcome back to another series of ForgeHub's Community Favorite Maps! We've got a lot of nominations and winners to catch up on and will be releasing the communities results each week until we're brought up to speed. Here are the nominations and winners for the month of August!

    Arm.jpg ballpit.jpg gailawin.jpg racetrack.jpg bleak.jpg chichen.jpg afterthought.jpg zara.jpg sunken.jpg archive.jpg

    Players rotate throughout the map, taking up vertical positions, all of which put you in danger of being pinged. There is ample verticality throughout the map, as well as the fully-functional "Rapids", that will spit players out on the lowest section of the map in exchange for the Damage Boost, which allow for zippy repositioning and evolving gunfights.

    The name makes reference to Nietzsche's work Thus Spoke Zarathustra, in which he makes the claim the God is dead, and that [we] have killed Him. The map includes a cathedral-like structure that has been destroyed by terrible natural phenomena, and then neglected for years allowing for natural growth to take over.
    Bleak is a 2v2 map which takes heavy inspiration from Bloodborne. The map features a Sentinel Beam and End of the Line sniper variant to make the sniper more difficult to use.
    Gailawin is an asymmetrical 4v4 core map set within ancient Roman village of worship. Its play space functions around exterior roof tops and interior rooms. Its weapons compliment an earlier time period where hand to hand combat ruled the battle field featuring an energy sword and gravity hammer reduced to 50%. Damage boost sits top mid.
    Thanks again for being patient with us for releasing these results. Tune in next time as we'll be sharing the results from September!

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Discussion in 'Features' started by WARHOLIC, Oct 31, 2018.

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