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Community Favorites: August 2017

Discussion in 'Features' started by The Omicron, Sep 5, 2017.

By The Omicron on Sep 5, 2017 at 4:48 PM
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    Greasings and lubrications err I mean.. greetings and salutations! With the heat of Summer coming to a close and Ascend's heat-related puns slowly falling into the past, everyone can take a large sigh of relief and kick back while I present this past month's Community Favorites! There were a ton of great maps that were recently released, but a few truly stood out above and beyond expectations; without further delay, the favorites for the month of August!

    Crafted within the ingenious mind of MrDeliciousman9, Endless Shore flourishes with unique and interesting design elements that help excel the playspaces to have a more contemporary flow not seen in many maps. The gameplay bonds well with the exciting art direction that is filled with ambiguous beauty, and a sense of fantasy that envelops each area of the map. Don't pass up this map, and give it a download to see for yourself!

    While taking some inspiration from Chill Out and Cold Storage, Foge has created Genome; A room-based 4v4 core map with a beautiful and consistent green "DNA" theme throughout. The map plays a bit differently than most other 4v4's but being part of the designing process that Foge intentionally planned for. With a great combination of varied lines of sight, winding corridors and unique engagements within different vertical spaces, Genome becomes an instant classic for the casual and veteran players alike. Check it out!

    Ace of Spades' latest 2v2 map, Dojo, has truly solidified a formula for what it takes to craft a map with stellar gameplay alongside a strong and coherent theme. Wanting to hone in on the Japanese dojo style that was used in one of his previous maps dubbed "Genji", Dojo throws players directly into the center of a magnificent and full atmosphere that is able to immerse players within the first few steps. Ace of Spades decided to go with a smaller map size for Dojo to diminish the chances of frame drops that were an issue with his "Gengi" project and to be able to expand upon the visual pallet that he once was not able to have implemented. With design tuning and advice from MultiLockOn and Xandrith, Dojo has quickly risen to be a staple 2v2 map throughout the Halo Community. "If there's anything I strive for when designing maps, it is immersion in the design." - AoS. Dojo is clear evidence of the truth behind that quote and I think the rest of the community would agree. If you haven't already, be sure to check this map out!​

    We've reached the conclusion of this month's Community Favorites! Forge Critics, remember to nominate maps to be voted on, as we rely on you to help find the best of the best. Thanks for tuning in!

    As always, the ForgeHub Staff would like to congratulate all of this month's contestants! We look forward to checking out all of September's fantastic maps! Until next time, 0mi is peacing outta here.:whale::whale::whale::whale:
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Discussion in 'Features' started by The Omicron, Sep 5, 2017.

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