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By The Omicron on May 2, 2017 at 7:24 PM
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    Hey everyone! Winter has ended, Spring is finally in full bloom and there isn't a shortage of new great content from the community! The votes were super close between all of the maps this past month. Alas, only the top three maps get a place on the podium. Without further delay, here are the winners of the Community Favorites for the month of April!

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    4(1).png 5.png

    If you've ever played through Halo 2's campaign, this may look familiar to you. AngelitoCO has beautifully remade the Control Room that is featured on the final mission, "The Great Journey". He easily could have left this to be strictly an aesthetic showcase, but he went one step farther and created a gametype that has you and other players recreate the battle with Tartarus! One player spawns as Tartarus while everyone else, as a team, tries their best to take that furry fiend down once and for all. If you're a big fan of Halo 2's campaign, this is one map you definitely shouldn't pass up!

    2nd Place.jpg

    Based on the Ark, spartans train vigorously within war game simulations to better prepare themselves for danger that may lie ahead. Taking an appreciation for lore and style aspects of Halo Wars, Battle of Installation 00 brings a fresh experience to the table. From the lofty and towering forerunner structures to the winding tumultuous bends between the rock plateaus, this map will be sure to please larger lobbies whether you're playing Slayer, Strongholds or even Flag. Give it a bookmark and check it out for yourself!

    1st Place.jpg

    Hidden within a rocky cavern lies a preserved vestige of forerunner architecture; Here lies, Nemesis. Being symmetrical in nature, WARH0LIC has managed to beautifully weave all of the natural terrain with the structural forerunner geometry creating an eye-catching and believable atmosphere that makes you want to explore further throughout. Nemesis was designed and built For Extermination but also plays great with 4v4 Slayer or CTF. Whether you enjoy competitive or casual play, Nemesis is a must-consider for any 4-8 player lobby. Fantastic work, WARH0LIC!

    Video by: BaconMedia

    With all of that being said, this wraps up another month of Community Favorites! Congratulations to the winners! Be sure to let us know what you think of the results and we look forward to seeing what lies in store for next month! Ta ta for now :whale:
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Discussion in 'Features' started by The Omicron, May 2, 2017.

    1. Agent Zero85
      Agent Zero85
      Awesome! Glad my work paid off, and congrats @WARHOLIC on the win!
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    2. Portaleer
      Congrats to all of the April selects, and nice work @WARHOLIC !
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      Such an honor to have my work recognized by the community I love so much. Thanks to all for the support and may the Forge be with you!
    4. Ascend Hyperion
      Ascend Hyperion
      Gotta give a shoutout to Agent Zero85 , MULLERTJE, ToaDrakua, Max Extra, Unfound, Ryouji Gunblade, GrayishPoppy210, Emberciz, MisterChief1171, Lt Zorsselsson, Bromaniac35, CapatinDireWolf and Red Hunter 009 for Project Frankenstein.

      It was most definitely not just my map lol.
      Yeah uhm...we're gonna need a new project Ascend. Any ideas?

      Nemesis looks great btw.
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    6. Portaleer
      'Eeeeeey, what about meh? It's not like I contributed or anything.... :facepalm::p
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    7. Max Extra
      Max Extra
      Frankenstein exterm lol
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    8. AngelitoCO
      Congratulations to EVERYONE specially to WARHOLIC for such a good map Nemesis :)..

      Thanks for the community for the votes on Control Room :yes::D
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    9. Goat
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