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    Hello Forge-Hub Spartans,

    The GOAL of this lesson is to expand the creative tools used to build great maps for the Forge-Hub Spartans.

    Understanding Strategy & Tactics is key in creative map design and halo forging. The easiest way to understand these concepts is to think of them in simple terms. STRATEGIES are "what you plan to do". TACTICS are "how you achieve them". GOALS are why you do them.

    Lets take a look at one of the oldest games we know; CHESS.

    The GOAL of the game CHESS is to accomplish Checkmate.

    One STRATEGY in order to reach Checkmate is to control the center of the chess board. STRATEGIES are developed for many different reasons.

    The center of the board is the shorts distance from each corner. It is also the midway point for both sides. Chess pieces are stronger in the middle and if controlled can stop the opponents from advancing onto your turf. "A Knight of the rim is very dim." So the STRATEGY in this chess example is to control the center of the board, this is "what you plan to do."


    For every STRATEGY there are many TACTICS. So how do you control the center of the chess board? Answer A, B, C, or D??? The answer is all of the above. TACTICS are solutions to the ideas of STRATEGY.

    TACTIC A = own the center with a pawn structure. TACTIC B = watch the center with knights on the boarder of the center. TACTIC C = keep the path clear with a Bishop fianchetto. TACTIC D a combo of all these things in one idea.

    here is where concepts become concrete. As forgers we want to build great maps. Great Maps have great places to move to. In chess the center is a great place to be. On lockout the snip tower and the top of the BR base are great places to be. On Wizard you don't want to stay on the ground long, you need to get to the platforms fast.

    Why are these map areas so important?
    Because these are the places on the map where STRATEGY starts to unfold.

    The Goal is to keep the position because it has advantages. The lockout snip tower has three levels to fight from and tons of cover. It over looks all the top areas of the map and has many ways to escape if the other team advances the position. The BR base on Lockout is the highest point of the map and has a great amount of space to move and fight from the top. The triple level base allows for a team of four to post up with plenty of room to move and fight without putting your teammate at risk of being caught in the cross fire. The platforms of Wizard allow for quick movement around the entire map and leverage over the ground level fight. These examples are why these map positions are strategic. The Bungie and 343 teams have this knowledge and build structures around these concepts. They do it so well it sells! :)

    The Strategy is to keep the position by using Tactics. This is where the creative freedom is placed back into the hands of the player. This is what makes the game a GAME. Options, Choices, Styles, Winners, and Teams are born here.

    On lockout your team places the player with the best aim at the snip tower. The player best at short range defense is standing close by to protect the top shot. With a BR in hand; player 3 adds extra support at the mid/long range level. The 4th player flanks or doubles another players position and role.

    The team jumps from strong points of the position. Fighting from the top controlling the top. Stopping the team from advancing from the bottom. Using cover in the middle to keep the team alive and using the bridges to retreat.

    Every position on a map has an unspoken STRATEGY and TACTICS will unfold as teams stay anchored to the map locations.

    Strategy & Tactics are design elements we must know and use in our map design. In Chess Castling is a tactic used to defend the king by making a formation around the objective. Basically you build a base around the key idea.

    This is where you create your ideas and build around them. Does your map need a high point? If so where do you place it? How high should it be, and where should you place it in relation to other ideas on your map? How many pathways do you have in and out of the map area. Is it open or closed. Do you use pre-built structures or get creative with other forge structures? Is the position for offense or defense?

    The answer to the who, what, when, where, and why you build a structure into a map will serve as a guide to your future map outs. It starts with a GOAL, you find a STRAGETY, and build the TACTICS around them.

    Thank You Forge-Hub.
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