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Should the player with the bounty have different traits?(Infinite ammo, increased speed/health,etc.)

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    I posted a thread earlier about making a game mode in which the player with the most kills is labeled in a free for all situation. But that proved to be a bit difficult to script. So I came up with another idea for a similar game mode.

    For this game mode a random player is selected as the one with the bounty on their head. Once the player with the bounty on their head is killed you must pick up the bounty by picking up the scripted power up. Doing so gives you 50 points. The player with the bounty on their head gets 1 point per second. The bounty last for 50 secs then it is switched to another player. If you kill yourself you lose 50 points. You get no points for killing a player without a bounty on their head. Anyone may pick up the bounty once it is dropped, so be sure to grab it quickly. The dropped bounty also disappears after 15 seconds. I was thinking about giving the players with/without the bounty different traits, but I'll post a survey. If you have any suggestions for this game mode please leave a comment. This game mode has also not fully been tested yet as I'm still in the process of fixing some things. You also can't use any forerunner weapons because it completely destroys the body instantly and the script needs it to stay for about a second. The bodies do get cleaned up eventually with the slightly modified dead body cleaner upper prefab by ExTerrestrIal.

    Here is a video testing the scripts:

    Here is the prefab:

    Place it either below or above your map and use with any free for all variant. Just be sure to adjust scoring accordingly.

    The prefab uses 5 objects. It also uses 18 scripts and labels x, y, z, and message channels alpha and barvo.
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