Boiling Point

Discussion in 'Map Discussion' started by RANMAN10, Sep 20, 2020.

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    Boiling Point - A 4v4 Team Slayer, CTF, and KOTH map made by RANMAN10

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    I really hope those reviews are actually legit. However, the accounts were all made the same day so it's pretty sus.

    That being said, this map doesn't really need artificial popularity boosters because it's a fine map. I don't see too many 4v4 maps in this format and the lifts do offer a great way to contest the center of the map where rockets are. It tended to get a little spawn campy at certain points however as people would just keep spawning at the bases, although this could just be because I think we were playing Flag. I'm in these photos, actually. I'm on Blue Team with the Security Helmet.

    Vehicles on 4v4 is still iffy for me but this map pulls it off better than the other vehicle 4v4 maps in H3. The vehicles on the map actually have room to move around and you can avoid them by controlling the top portion of the map. A good balance IMO.

    The sad thing is that a lot of the action didn't revolve around the outer lanes of the map in Slayer but this small room underneath the middle platform. You can just chuck nades in there and you kill them. Map definitely works best as a Flag and King map.

    Overall, better than Ghost Town. Would play again. 3/5 map.

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