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Big Team Battle Community Refresh

Discussion in 'Articles' started by WARHOLIC, Sep 16, 2016.

By WARHOLIC on Sep 16, 2016 at 8:55 PM

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    The Big Team Battle Community Refresh is now live! With twelve updated maps and the addition of four brand new maps, this refresh is the largest update to a playlist in Halo 5 to date. Before we dive into each map, we’d like to provide a quick glimpse at how this update came to be.

    In order to pull off such a large task, we coordinated with two incredible parts of the Halo community - the Forge experts, and the diehard Big Team Battle players. These communities worked tirelessly to consistently host custom game lobbies in order to make sure each map was thoroughly tested. Specifically, we'd like to thank HaloCustoms, Creative Force, BigTeamBattle.net, and ForgeHub for helping us organize the test lobbies, which allow us to communicate feedback directly to the map creators. Members of our Community and Multiplayer Teams often attend many of these playlists, and also provide feedback that the creators can use to update their map and get it ready for matchmaking. The feedback provided in these online playtests would help bring all of the maps to the point where they were ready to be looked at internally.

    After pulling the new and refreshed maps internally, the Multiplayer Team is able to take a closer look at them and contribute even more input on layout, aesthetics, and the overall flow of the gameplay. At this point, the process becomes a very quick back-and-forth as the Forgers look to make the last few changes needed on their maps, such as improving player containment, quality intro and outro cameras, as well as fixing up name location placement. Then, after all of this is complete, the MP Team verifies the fixes and deems the maps ready for matchmaking. Ship it!

    Here are the new maps that have made their way into Big Team Battle!





    As mentioned earlier, we did not let these new maps enter matchmaking without giving the exisiting ones some love as well. That said, every existing map in the Big Team Battle playlist has not only received upgraded aesthetics, but also improvements to its gameplay. Here's a small glimpse at what you can expect from the twelve refreshed maps!













    You will be able to find all of these under the Featured section of the Halo 5 Content Browser, as well as bookmarked on our The343Favorites account. If you'd like to submit you're own maps for consideration in future playlist updates, you may do so in the Community Creations Forum here on Waypoint.

    We hope you all enjoy the Big Team Battle Community Refresh, and be sure to stay tuned for future playlist updates!
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by WARHOLIC, Sep 16, 2016.

    1. SecretSchnitzel

      God do I hate to bulk of these maps... Including the new ones. Particularly the new ones. And who the hell thought it was a good idea to do anything with Basin? That map needs to be taken out to the trash.
    2. MartianMallCop
      Did they move the flag out of the back of the base on Dispelled?
    3. SecretSchnitzel
      Probably not because none of the "experts" thought there were any issues with the map... despite the glaring spawn issues for CTF... *sighs*
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    4. MartianMallCop
      That's a shame. The layout was pretty decent but having no enemy team spawn locations behind the flag spawn led to some seriously annoying deadlocks. A lot of that could have been fixed by just moving the flag up the stairs
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    5. Zandril
    6. MartianMallCop
      Loaded up a game of BTB. Saw that it was still BR starts. Turned off Xbox
    7. Orzium
      I really need some clarification as too why Unearthed is in the playlist... That map includes every element of what a btb map shouldn't include! F***king Bull****t....
    8. Matt has Soul
      Matt has Soul
      Because it's pretty and shiny duh. We like pretty and shiny things over at 343
      HeX Reapers likes this.
    9. S0UL FLAME
      S0UL FLAME
      Ok, you know what?

      This isn't cool. This isn't cool at all.

      These maps should not have gone through at the point they are in. They need changes done immediately.

      What the hell happened to quality control...
    10. DC Valorstrike
      DC Valorstrike
      I think a few of the maps will possibly be good, yes there are a few questionable ones but you guys are being way to negative about this update. And congrats Kyle, I'm happy to see Estuary make it in! And while not the greatest map, that new coat of delta halo love on entombed looks pretty interesting.
      CommanderColson likes this.
    11. Kell Of Scots
      Kell Of Scots
      Sugur-coating may be sweet, but it's just disguising the bitter pill that needs to be swallowed

      When the maps aren't ready, they aren't ready, and they should be at a finished, complete state for a matchmaking playlist.
      I like the new maps or I mean the new looking old Maps
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    13. TimeDipper
      My map was done...what immediate changes do you speak of?
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    14. SecretSchnitzel
      The absolute utter shitshow that is CTF on it? The god awful spawning that's on it? The issue with the map is it's awkward shape and lack of viable spawn locations. Where are players spawning when their flag is pulled? Over by the teleporter receiver node at the halfway point on the map. CTF works best when there are 3 distinct areas for players to spawn when a flag is pulled: those being at or behind flag placesment and off to the left and right of the flag. Dispelled doesn't have that. ****, Dispelled doesn't even meet the "64 spawn points" rule that 343 requires of maps, at least as of last weekend when the call was made that it was "ready".

      Fact of the matter is, the map was not given adequate stress testing, and the people that tested it did not come in with a critical enough aim in evaluating it... Otherwise this very blatant issue with the map would have stood out like a sore thumb. The ball was dropped with this task. I have no problem with the map's overall design itself, despite it being extremely generic and bland, but the spawn issues are a grievous issue that could have easily been rectified prior to its implementation in MM.
    15. PharmaGangsta1
      *phew* ....no Zanzibar remakes.
    16. DC Valorstrike
      DC Valorstrike
      Alright dude, you could have explained that to him without having to be an asshole.

      Let's not forget these forgers are also excited to have their maps in matchmaking so you don't need to come at them like that.
      Stvsis, Drizzy_Dan and TimeDipper like this.
    17. WARHOLIC
      I see that everyone is advocating for magnum starts in the BTB playlist and I'm glad to see the support for it. Unyshek has been trying to create a trial period for magnum starts in the Big Team Battle playlist for quite some time now. We need to show more interest for magnum starts as a community to help convince some higher ups from the MP team.

      Overall, the update brings in some great new maps. I played until midnight last night and ran about 15 games. Given to Fly dropped out early because he couldn't handle the new 'Deadlock'. Unyshek got 3 perfections over the course of the evening and I we had the worst random team mates ever. That said, it was loads of fun but I'm still waiting for my magnum starts before I really enjoy BTB to its full potential.

      We'll be updating the playlist in the near future with a very minor update to include some maps that didn't make it into this rotation. 'Echoes' by Spirit in Black needed a visual overhaul because the Alpine canvas is being overused in matchmaking. 'Altar' by WyvernZu received a visual overhaul but the file can't be retrieved so we're waiting on 343's help for that.

      What do you guys think of the new maps? I'm digging Dispelled and Estuary the most out of the new additions.
    18. SecretSchnitzel
      God awful. Both have potential to be solid additions, but they need some pretty extensive changes to reach that level. Dispelled as to do with the map's shape and inherent spawn issues. Estuary has to do with excessive cover and maze-like pathing.
      --- Double Post Merged, Sep 17, 2016 ---
      Nope, kid needs to be shocked back to reality from his elated sense of self worth and belief that his map is of the highest level of quality. Map has potential, but in its current state, it doesn't play as well as it could.
    19. SaltyKoala
      I was shown a few of these maps last night. It hurts to see frame rate being such a prevalent issue on them but hopefully that's fixed in the next update.

      Its also sad to see some of the not so great orginal maps still in the playlist, but its up to us forgers to make better content to eventually replace these maps. I haven't seen that many amazing BTB tbh, mainly 4v4 and 2v2s.

      For this reason, and with the communitys support, I'll be looking to push my map ( Den of Theives) into the next update. Once the threads up tommrow come show it some love!
      It is a close close quarters BTB that plays at a frenetic pace with non-stop action throughout.

      If any of you would like in on testing, I'll be running some on it tmmrw. Add: (For Chub) and look for the Bookmark (Den of Theievs)
      Last edited: Sep 17, 2016

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