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    This is my First track that I made on Forgeworld. It starts off with a steep ramp which launches you into a teleporter, sending you into a room with a domed floor. Then race through the island and out onto Haemorrage. Then race along the cliff tops and be sent tumbling down a steep edge. Then cross a precariously submerged path hidden under the waves until you reach a steep hill climb up the spire to the finish. Enjoy

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    we don't really get a good look at what you have to offer from just 2 screenshots. Try adding more with a little more of a description.

    Happy Forging!
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    not an official review

    I decided to look into this map, and here is my unofficial review of

    Enjoyment 9.5/10
    Playing this map alone on race was quite entertaining. There were some times during my game where things would get tedious after hitting a wall or having to turn really tight turns on a cliff but it didn’t hinder the overall enjoyment of the map. The first drop into the dishes was entertaining as well as slightly challenging, and the cliff drop was also very entertaining. It’s a rocky and bumpy map but the bounces add to the fun.
    Balance 8/10
    Most of the map is only wide enough for one vehicle, and the other parts are very large and open. There are a lot of tight turns in the smaller sections that would allow for other players to advance in position. The map is pretty well balanced for varying in so many aspects of the tracks. There are spots where the leader will be able to hold the lead with a steady controller and also parts where another player will be able to take the lead.
    Durability 9/10
    The map is very durable. There are only a few places on the island that can be taken to possibly gain an advantage. There are a couple of spots that may leave players confused if more than one player is playing on the map at a time but it shouldn’t be a problem for a single player doing time attacks on race.
    Aesthetics 7/10
    The map doesn’t feature any aesthetics that are not directly in the raceway. The track is very long and is put together well and the only bumps in the ride are put in place on purpose as an obstacle or caused by terrain built into the actual map. Aesthetically it’s a little plain, but no hindrance to the game play.
    Originality 10/10
    The map was original and had lots of twists and turns. Some of the more fun elements of the map were great ideas. Parts of it stay true to race standards with a simple track, but this map breaks the rule with cliff falls, teleporters, and tight spaced water bridges.
    Average score 8.7
    Personal score 9

    I really enjoyed this map :) It was fun to play even doing time attacks by myself. Keep up the good work!

    This is not in any way an official review even though it was reviewed to official criteria.
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