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    Hello, Welcome to AverageHalo!
    Hello there user! Welcome to the AverageHalo Post!
    And yes we had to start a new one because the old one we could not change the title for.

    Requirements - Section 1
    1. You need to help, become one with the team. ( if you don`t have a problem with that, then this is perfect for you )
    2.If you don`t know a lot, don`t be shy. We will help you through each step. ( Even though this is not a Requirement i still wanted to put it here )
    3. Understand there is no I in team.


    Current Works/Maps By the Team.

    Discord Staff Members/Roles
    1. New Member ( Lowest )
    2. Forgehub Member ( Second Lowest )
    3. RSS Feed Manager ( Lowest Staff Rank )
    4. Moderators ( Second Lowest Staff Rank )
    5. Admins ( Second Highest Staff Rank )
    6. Web-Masters ( Owner Level )


    Whats So Special About this Team?
    Well, we are a team that likes to understand each other, work with each-other, and there is no leader. Just a group. We work hard to get to know each other, and with forge with each-other. We consider all members family.
    So, for future members. Welcome to the Average Family.

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