Attrition Map Submission Thread

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    Submit your maps for the contest to this thread.

    The contest thread can be found here: Contest Thread

    • Submissions open the day of this announcement
    • Deadline is on 11:59 pm CST on the 5th of August
    • Max 3 submissions per contestant
    • Judges cannot submit a map
    • You can edit your submissions, but the last edited date must be before the submission deadline.
    • Co-forging is ok and it will be up to the credited forgers to determine how to split any prizing
    • Plagiarizing other contestants maps is an instant disqualification.
    • Maps can be converted from other competitions (no matchmaking maps) but must have significant changes in order to fit the mode.
    • Remakes/reimaginings of Iconic maps from previous halos are permitted, but are on a thin line, make sure to be original.

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