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    Have you ever tried playing a game of trench warfare in Halo customs? Where you're just begging for some intense game play filled with big team pushes and even bigger defensive holds, but end up with nothing but two snipers cross mapping each other in a 1v1, that random teammate who stays in the wraith shooting at an empty trench, and campers with a shotguns? Well worry not young spartan! Attrition is here, and it needs your help! We need maps for the BTB rush down mode that promotes push forward combat, and a heavy emphasis on fast balanced game play. What is Attrition you ask? Well check out the link below!

    In summary here are the 5 pillars of Attrition game play:
    1. Four rounds to win
    2. Four minutes per round
    3. Two hundred points to win a round
    4. Rapidly score points by controlling the enemy capture point.
    5. Get kills at the beginning of the round to raise the score and spawn more weapons for your team.

    Attrition released with 5 unique custom made maps for the mode, all of which you are encouraged to download and play on to get a better grasp of the mode. There are not many specific rules one must follow when creating an Attrition map. In fact, Creativity and originality are encouraged. There are only a few hard rules to making an Attrition map.

    1. A small “no man's land” (middle of map) that takes only 5-7 seconds to cross.

    2. Strong defensive lines for both teams on each side of the “no man's land.”

    3. A capture point in between the defensive line and the spawn for both teams.

    4. A spawn zone on each side of the map that cannot be accessed by the enemy team.

    5. Dynamic weapon spawns that reward the winning team with more weapons.


    Attrition does need a bit of scripting to work, and because of that there is a template available with all the scripting premade. The only thing needed is to activate scripting and the map will be 100 percent playable. This makes the template a great reference for anyone wanting to submit a map. You don't need to follow the template exactly, or very much at all, but everything you need will be there. Remember to turn ON scripting before you submit! For those wanting to add your own scripting, that is allowed, just contact Hitbox unKnown before the submission deadline.

    And you may be thinking to yourself “This looks fun, I may want to participate, but what's in it for me” well I’ll tell you...

    1st place: 500 USD

    2nd place: 300 USD

    3rd place: 200 USD

    But wait, there's more! All placings and the honorable mentions from each Judge gets a Forgehub t-shirt!

    Ok now that we have your attention here’s where to submit: Submission Link

    • Submissions open the day of this announcement
    • Deadline is on 11:59 pm CST on the 5th of August
    • Max 3 submissions per contestant
    • Judges cannot submit a map
    • You can edit your submissions, but the last edited date must be before the submission deadline.
    • Co-forging is ok and it will be up to the credited forgers to determine how to split any prizing
    • Plagiarizing other contestants maps is an instant disqualification.
    • Maps can be converted from other competitions (no matchmaking maps) but must have significant changes in order to fit the mode.
    • Remakes/reimaginings of Iconic maps from previous halos are permitted, but are on a thin line, make sure to be original.

    The Judging will be done in phases, and maps will be receiving an average score per play through, and the Scoring will be based on four categories.

    Phase 1 (Eligibility)

    This is where the judges are going through the checklist, and disqualifying any map that breaks any submission rules, or breaks any of the 5 rules for making an attrition map.

    Phase 2

    Each judge will play each map and give an average score. Any maps 9 and over will move forward.

    Phase 3

    Each judge will play each map, and any maps 12 and over will move forward.

    Phase 4

    Each judge will play the remaining maps and the Top 10 will move forward.

    Final Phase

    There will be a final round of testing until there is a top 5. Then Like a jury the judging panel will unanimously decide on the winning maps.

    Point guide:

    0 - Means for disqualification
    1 - very poor design
    2 - poor design
    3 - not bad, not great
    4 - well done
    5 - perfection

    Utility 5/5

    How well does your map run? Frame rate, Scripting, Accessibility, Spawning, cameras, named location volumes, even general map balance.

    Game play 5/5

    How fun is your map to play? Engagements, rounds not lasting too long, Weapon choice, engaging layouts,

    Art 5/5

    How beautiful is your map? The physical shape, the pieces used, the atmosphere, how well does the theme play together, is it a believable environment.

    Extra 2/2

    Extra points a judge may use in order to commend a specific aspect of a map that is worth pointing out (does not count negatively towards map average if 0)

    Hitbox unKnown will be streaming every one of his play tests here

    Link for the Trello Board for the contest can be found here

    Judging panel

    Hitbox unknown (Creator)

    B0b is here (Community Member)

    Max Extra (Forgehub staff member)

    There will also be game nights every Saturday and Sunday nights (Including this weekend!) for a chance to play the mode yourself, and even test your maps before the submission deadline. These will be the perfect times to ask us for personal help, and clarifications.

    See you in the War Games simulations,
    - Hitbox unKnown
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Max Extra, Jun 24, 2020.

    1. Hitbox Unknown
      Hitbox Unknown
      FYI for anybody interested in testing your Attrition maps, have general questions, or just wanna play the mode with us, Message me "Hitbox unKnown" on xbox for an invite to our game nights. for this Weekend they will be both sat and sunday at 4pm CST
    2. Stefan. I think
      Stefan. I think
      I haven't had the time to play the mode yet because I don't have many friends but the premise and everything about it seems really fun and exciting!

      So much so that I overdid it a bit and have made about 10+ maps so far - 4 or 5 which are pretty much done outside of the scripting which is stumping me a bit but I'm sure I'll figure out!
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    3. Hitbox Unknown
      Hitbox Unknown
      Well we are having a game night for attrition today in less than 3 hours, so you are more than welcome to join! I usually stay on after the lobby as well to help answer any questions or help with scripting :)

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