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    The Attrition contest has come to an end, and wow was it a ride. From the testing lobbies to the final judging lobbies It was non stop action. There where so many beautiful submissions from all of you who submitted. We are happy to announce the final placings 1st to 3rd winners, and the 3 honorable mentions That Each judge personally loved. First up the honorable mentions!

    Honorable mention by Hitbox unKnown
    Virulent by IIICLEASSICIII

    "loved the warthogs, they blended very well with the gameplay, and the overall atmosphere was done well" - Hitbox unKnown

    Honorable mention by B0b is here
    Malediction by Spirit in Black

    "Very much the aesthetic appearance of attrition at its peak" - B0b is here

    Honorable mention by Max Extra
    UNSCathed by Exterrestr1al

    "The power drain in the middle was a little confusing at first, but then, I understood" - Max Extra

    3rd Place: Kattegat by spartan blood 1
    $200 prize

    This map was beautiful and had the all around experience you would expect from an Attrition map. The only things holding It back were the drop spawns and uneven terrain getting players stuck while in the middle of gunfights.

    2nd Place: Potters Field by HoboSteeveJacko
    $300 prize

    Once again another beautiful map, when Imagining Attrition I see this map as a poster child. Gameplay was surprisingly balanced with the arsenal given to the players, but the pathing was obstructive at times and players had trouble defending from full on attacks.

    1st Place: Digsite by Hairy McClairy
    $500 prize

    This is the definition of attrition gameplay. The hard clamber walls on each end forcing players to commit to aggressive gameplay, along with respawning plasma grenades to weaken the enemy lines is what Attrition is all about. We never played a round on this map where everybody wasn't having a blast.

    This contest was Insanely fun to run and I, Hitbox unKnown am honored to have so many great forgers take their time to create maps for Attrition. The decision for the winning maps broke my heart in a way, since I greatly enjoyed many of these maps. Thank you to anyone who helped create/playtest maps with us.​

    If any contestant in this contest is looking for additional feedback on any of their maps feel free to contact me Hitbox unKnown and I will be happy to help
    - Hitbox unKnown​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Hitbox Unknown, Sep 21, 2020.

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