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    Let's be honest; how many unfinished 2v2 blockouts do you have in your drafts? Lacking motivation to finish them? Perhaps you've lost interest in Halo's forge in favor of a more active content creation community like, I don't know, ModNation Racers on the PS3. Whatever your strife, ForgeHub's got your Mjolnir-clad back! (We promise not to assassinate you.) It's my privilege to announce the official details and launch of our latest foray into forge contests; the 2v2 Contest Boogaloo, and the last time this staff ever lets me name anything ever again!

    Since we're no stranger to this type of competition, (and since it's ridiculously hard to keep typing with the length of my nails) I feel it's best to dive right into some details in the form of questions from the community brought to you by this contest's curator, Sethiroth. Take it away, Sethiroth! Take it far, far away.

    Q. Okay, who are the judges?

    A. So, I've decided to go with a mix of staff and community members for this contest. The people I have chosen to judge alongside me are Whos Blaze, Max Extra and S0ul Flame. We also will have a few back up judges on standby.

    Q. What maps are eligible to be entered into this contest?

    A. The main point of this contest is to showcase new and unique content that’s fresh off the press. So, with that being said, maps that were fully finished and released to the public anywhere before August 1st, 2019 will not be eligible for this contest. No map remakes from any IP will be accepted. The 4 main judges will not be eligible to compete in this contest. Submissions will be limited to 3 per person.

    Q. When is the deadline for this contest?

    A. We will have a longer deadline than usual to allow for more polished content. The Deadline for the contest will be 11:59pm PST on January 1st 2020. All maps must be officially posted on ForgeHub and Submitted to the correct thread before the end of that day. We will not be allowing any editing to maps after that point. Maps will be submitted as is. Changes made post-deadline will result in disqualification; no exceptions.

    Q. What gameplay settings will be used for judging?

    A. We will be using Slayer HCS with some slight modifications. Those changes will be:
    • NO RADAR
    • 15 minute rounds
    • 25 kill limit.
    You can also download the ForgeHub 2v2 game type here. (Waypoint link not working, will update soon)

    Q. Is this a 343i Matchmaking contest or a ForgeHub Contest?

    A. This is a ForgeHub contest. This is not associated with 343i. We are running this contest so you guys can make awesome maps and make them the way you want. Go crazy! You want Teles? Lifts? Keys? Something completely new? Go for it!

    Maps will be graded based on 4 key factors.
    • Layout
    • Gameplay
    • Aesthetics
    • Polish
    We will be rating each Category on a 1-5 scale.
    1. = Broken
    2. = Needs Improvement
    3. = Average
    4. = Really Good
    5. = Outstanding
    We will be using this rating system to help narrow down the maps. Here is a detailed look into each category:
    Layout - In this Category we will be judging the map's layout. How well made is the flow/pathing of the map? How are the Macro/Mirco design aspects of the map? Are all the positions of the map balanced? How thought-out are the Lines of Sight? Does the map have any unique or creative features to it?

    Gameplay– In this category we will be looking at how well the gameplay functions on the map. How is the pace of play? Do the spawns work as intended? How well do weapons interact with the map and each other? Does any part of the map break during gameplay or allow an unfair advantage for one team? Does the map offer any variety of play-style and/or strategies? Are the encounters enjoyable/memorable? Do any map mechanics or scripting interfere/hinder the gameplay?

    Aesthetics – This category will judge the visual presentation of the map. Does the map provide a strong and/or creative theme? Is there appealling Lighting/Atmosphere present on the map? Do the aesthetics add or subtract from the map gameplay? Does the map have any readability issues due to art?

    Polish – Now here we will be looking at how well you paid attention to the bells and whistles. Does your map have any frame drops issues? Is the map contained correctly? Do objects jut out or cause bumps while playing? Are their intro and exit cam? Is there any Z-fighting? Is there any name volumes and/or memorable landmarks for callouts? Are weapons showcased clearly? Are weapons properly balanced with thier timers and ammo counts? Are there broken clambers?


    Each round of judging, more than 50% of the maps will be eliminated until we get to the Final 8. At this point, maps will go head-to-head and the Judges will discuss the maps until we get final placings. We will then send out invitations to the finalist so that they can describe their work better for us. Max Extra and I will be streaming our playtest sessions and judge discussions live. S0ul Flame will write his thoughts down on his playtest as he goes. So, if you're wondering why your map was cut, you will be able to hear/see why. The final maps will NOT be discussed live but will be recorded. We will release the recording at the same time as the results so it can be a surprise reveal.


    Here are some statements from our judges detailing what they're looking for in this contest.

    Sethiroth – CREATIVITY!!! I have played too much Halo 5, so I am looking for maps that display and execute well on creative/original ideas in ANY category. Gameplay, layout, and/or aesthetics. I am looking for the FULL PACKAGE when it comes to these maps. Make sure that your unique ideas still play well.

    Soul Flame – Gameplay above all else is what I'll be looking for the most. Face paced, slow and methodical, or anything in between. Hit me with a map that knows what it wants and does it well.

    Whos Blaze – I’ll be primarily looking at accessibility and polish aspects. Spawn Orientation, smooth snagless geometry, etc. Bonus points for creative movement options and nerdy tricks that elevate the meta.

    Max Extra – I'm looking for new and adventurous ideas that provide a fun and enjoyable 2v2 experience that can be enjoyed the 1st and the 200th time. Something that departs from the cookie-cutter approach of typical maps and expresses a certain unique and personal essence that still provides balanced gameplay. On top of all of this, I want to see the attention to detail when it comes to the polish of the map, how well contained and accessible it is in particular.


    ForgeHub Prizing

    1st Place: $500 + ForgeHub T-shirt

    2nd Place: $350 + ForgeHub T-shirt

    3rd Place: $150 + ForgeHub T-shirt

    *** Only 1 prize per contestant. If contestant places multiple times, then prizes will go to next contestant down after them. ***

    Submit Your Maps Here before 11:59PM on January 1st, 2020!

    Well that sure is a lot of info to process! If you somehow have any more questions or curiosities, please feel free to drop them below in this thread for myself or Sethiroth to answer! The submission thread will be uploaded much sooner than previous contests, so be on the lookout! I can't wait to see how many exciting new maps will come to fruition in the 2v2 market! So grab three friends, one friend and two mortal enemies, or just four controllers yourself (sigh) and get to it!

    Until next time, we're signing off!:heart:

    ForgeHub Community Coordinator

    Contest Curator/Judge
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Connie, Aug 9, 2019.

    1. Sethiroth
      Can't wait to see all the submissions. I will try to answer any questions as fast as I can
      Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
    2. S0UL FLAME
    3. Xandrith
      Give me 500.
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    4. Mags
      Well its about time
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    5. lNeedMoreBleach
      Okay 2 questions.

      1. Why the hell is the deadline Jan 1st...? That is seriously to long. I doubt many people will remember this comp in even a thing come November, December.
      2. Are remixes/revamp's of older maps viable for entry?
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    6. Sethiroth
      There is two main reasons its Jan 1st. First, it was either 2 months or 4. Two months is a joke to make a actual good map and it couldn't be 3 because that would put judging during the holidays season. That wouldn't work and would cause major delays. The second reason its 4 months is I want to see peoples best work. There should be no reason someone cant make the best map they can. The people that are here and entering the contest are the people that are always here. So it wont really be forgotten IMO.

      While yes you can do a remix/revamp of your older maps. There is a high chance that it wont do well if any judge recognizes it. Therefore if you want a better chance at winning I would suggest doing something new and fresh.

      I hope that answers those questions
      Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
    7. lNeedMoreBleach
      I'm surprised you made a point of saying this. (There is a high chance that it wont do well if any judge recognizes it. Therefore if you want a better chance at winning I would suggest doing something new and fresh.)

      I can't say a map should do worse if its recognized as a remix and if it was judged harder for being a remix then the whole of the judging could be completely written off.

      if a map play's and looks better then another, a worse map should never be propped up for being more original.
      Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
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    8. Sethiroth
      I made that statement because two things where requested the most from our feedback page. First being new maps and second is transparency. I said there is a high chance. I didn't say impossible.

      If you read the questions above you will see that unique and creative is something were shooting for. So, lets say your map and someone else map gets the same rating in all departments just for example. So now we the judges have to discuss in deep detail what makes one better then the other to find out which one truly outshines other. So in this case its something that's more creative/unique that we haven't seen before vs something we have kinda seen before.

      So a remix/revamp will do well in the contest in terms of getting threw a couple rounds but once we get to the final maps where we have to start nit picking them, it being a revamp can work against you potentially

      I hope this better explains. Thanks for the questions
      Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
    9. lNeedMoreBleach
      unfortunately judging for uniqueness/originality is a fouls errand.

      i'm sure each of you judges will have a varying opinion on whats original due to having different experiences and having seen different things.

      hypothetically speaking, you may see something as unique and original but one of the other judges may completely disagree with you having seen the same thing numerous times before.

      The problem is almost everything has been done before in one form or another and its exceptionally hard to find or create some thing that is genuinely original in all factors.

      your actual odds are next to zero
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    10. munk07
      Time to crack my knuckles and break some more controllers. Im up for a challenge.
    11. munk07
      Im sure things have been done before plenty of times, but the general idea is to push self-creativity. Look at cars on the road. All have the same general aspects that you expect on a car, but I'd prefer driving a muscle car over a regular Sedan.
      I personally wouldn't worry too much about making it unique. As long as you are satisfied with your creation, that's all that truly matters in my opinion.
    12. lNeedMoreBleach
      im not worried about making something i consider unique or not.

      i was thinking of maybe revamping an old map for fun as a submission which clearly means it wouldn't be considered very unique.

      on a side note (muscle cars are beefy)
    14. Soldat Du Christ
      Soldat Du Christ
      that picture in the thumbnail is awesome, very well done
    15. Ascend Hyperion
      Ascend Hyperion
      Now that I can do effectively anything I want in Blender, I figured it would be cool to use here too.
    16. slaternater
      INeedMoreBleach do you ever say anything positive.
    17. Ryouji Gunblade
    18. Mags
      A remake is a complete rebuild of another map not limited to Halo, for an example I rebuilt De Dust 2 a famous Counter Strike map in forge its not eligible to enter because it is a remake and it was made before the contest was announced. Now a remix remaking a map while also changing it around to the point where its a new map could be done but likely wont be chosen for any top placing.
    19. nadekil
      I'm definitely gonna plan on making a map for this. I have very little experience with 2v2 maps. I've only made one 2v2 map before so this could go good or bad, but I do have a decent idea that could work well for this contest if I execute it right.
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