An Appeal for Infection Maps

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By REMkings on Mar 6, 2016 at 2:30 PM
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    Hello dear friends and Infection fans!

    As we all know, at this point Infection is still a sincerely missed classic amongst the gametypes present in Halo 5. Ever since Bungie turned the zombie mode into an official on disc game mode in Halo 3, it has been immensely popular within the community, among players and forgers alike. With the seemingly endless possibilities of the new Forge tool, one may often wonder what kind of incredible content could be created - if only Infection was yet released. My friend @PA1NTS from BIOC already posted a thread over here with suggested settings and traits for a Halo 5 iteration of Infection.

    But the wait could be over sooner rather than later! As Josh Holmes from 343 Industries has confirmed in a tweet, Infection will be coming at some point. We may not know when, but we now do know that it will. Here's the tweet:


    Again, obviously news like this doesn't provide us with any specific information. But at least now it's a certainty that to forge an Infection map in advance wouldn't be pointless. This means that it wouldn't hurt to start thinking about Infection maps to forge. What would be better than to have an immediate database of Infection maps to play once the gametype sees the light of day? That is why I would like to encourage you all to start making maps already. The sooner the better. I would love to see what we all together are capable of with Halo 5's Forge in terms of Infection related creations.

    As you all know, I'm very fond of Infection myself. Therefore I once founded the BIOC group. This adds further to the fact that an appeal such as the one above, wouldn't make much sense if we wouldn't be committing to it ourselves. That is why I and several others have also gone ahead and have gotten infested in preparing some Infection content of our own.
    Here are some pictures that may serve as inspiration when getting started with something of yours:

    'Freeman Bay'
    a work in progress by REMkings

    a work in progress by Auxi Klutch

    'Station Zulu'
    a work in progress by Home World Hero

    'The Crypt'
    a work in progress by WyvernZu

    Good luck with forging your Infection maps. Feel free to use this thread as a way to share your work in progress!
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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by REMkings, Mar 6, 2016.

    1. buddhacrane
      Although I don't have any infection map ideas; for anyone wanting to make any COD Zombies maps, I'm planning on making a forum post this week on how to create a fully working random weapon box, which also randomly moves from one location to another if you get a "teddy" (grunt lol) from the box. Basically a random weapon box that works exactly like the one in COD Zombies.
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    2. Octuplepuma
      ISNT there already a tutorial for that on youtube?
    3. buddhacrane
      If you mean this one:

      then technically yes.

      But that version can sometimes give you 2 weapons from 1 press, and it also wastes your go if it tries to give you a weapon that's already been spawned.
    4. PA1NTS
      Can I look at the map? What's it called and where can I find it?
    5. its Bibz
      its Bibz
      You can if you wanna. It's in my bookmarks, under the name "SS 1". It's leaning towards being a Last Stand style of map. Still needs a lot of work though.
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    6. REMkings
      The thread's first post has been updated with more pictures of upcoming maps!
    7. Anarchy Kane
      Anarchy Kane
      I have 2 maps in progress that are ready for testing. About to start a third. and app arent working right now so I will upload some pictures later.

      If people want to test some honor rules infection please add me. GT : Anarchy Kane
    8. Anarchy Kane
      Anarchy Kane
      Some pictures. Map in progress name is frontier 2 on my files.

      Send me a message if you want to help out with it.

      Attached Files:

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    9. Octuplepuma
      so have you done tha tpost yet?
      I saw some of those maps before. They look awesome. I just started with my infection map and hope to finish it in a couple of sessions. Maybe tomorrow. Extremely happy with it so far. Can't wait to upload it and even better, to play it:)
    11. Dink
      I'm working on a Kino der Toten map that will, I repeat, WILL be playable for infection! And it's going to be pleasant. I was able to make it in Halo 4, so I should have enough pieces to make the whole map. If I can find a way to actually teleport the random weapons box, I could actually save a lot of objects in my budget, so that's a goal of mine.
    12. thrillerkillers
      I just created my first infection map. I believe it would play pretty well in infection, but I also have put a lot of work into aesthetics.

      My gamer tag is "thrillerkillers," and the map is "gloomy forest." I have been trying to get some people to test it more, but I have had a hard time getting a big enough group together
    13. thefro3po
      I have some Infection questions.

      What is the average number of players in Infection?

      What is the ration of Non-Infected to Infected? 3:1?

      What breakable objects do we have in Forge?
    14. REMkings
      10-12 players usually.

      It's more like 4:1. But 3:1 can also work. The more players, the smaller the ratio. (Because more humans means more coordination and more fire power, which means the zombies will have a really hard time if their initial numbers are too low.)

      We currently don't have objects that are actually breakable, but you can use scripting to make pieces move or blow up, etc.
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    15. ThisIsNotTheNSA
      We have the animated ramps though.
    16. thefro3po
      Are the infected expected to spawn together initially and in one central location, and then in future respawns separately and more spread out?
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    17. AnonomissX
      Do we know if the infected can drive vehicles?
    18. REMkings
      Preferably, yes. When the round starts, infected should be able to organize a coordinated push on the humans.

      We have no details on the specifics of the gametype yet. It's coming soon though!
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    20. cluckinho

      Thought I'd try and make my first infection map ever! It's set on a snowy mountain side.
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