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    Hey I'm stopping by to say a Huge thank you to the forge community as a whole and to certain people of the community for helping me grow as a level designer.

    @Blaze hanging out with me during MCC and giving me feedback for my map/picking his brain, and also telling me I should apply for Creative Force.

    @Ray Benefield making Creative force and teaching us how a dev team works and setting up structure for a team.

    @WyvernZu For always setting the bar higher for the forge community and pushing me to do my best.

    @Nitro & @Sn1p3r C allowing me to bounce ideas off of and teaching me scripting.

    @Randy 355 for always being down for testing and working with me on team projects.

    @MythicFritz for boucing ideas off of and bringing up possible concerns for playstyles on maps.

    also I have a lot of other people I need to give thanks to, so I'll make a list!

    @Given To Fly @MultiLockOn @darkprince909 @no god anywhere @Natabase @xdemption @WARHOLIC @Captain Punch @NOKYARD @gAg CruSh3r @Squally DaBeanz @THE SLAMMERSS@Duke of Mearl @NOKYARD @Mr Pokephile @Sikamikanico @Ascend Hyperion @The Omicron @Psychoduck The darkk skull @BaconMedia @Max Extratrignate

    I cant think of everyone at the moment due to this horrible head cold, but I'll update the list as I remember.

    Again, I seriously want to thank you all for helping me grow as a level designer and because of that I was able to apply for a level designer position at 343 Industries a few months back and happily accepted the offer at the studio. Again thank you guys so much.

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  2. Randy 355

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    Congratulations @black picture! I can thank you for all the same in helping me grow as well. I look forward to seeing your work from inside 343!
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  3. gAg CruSh3r

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    Congrats @Black Picture! It was awesome to see you grow and create some amazing maps. I am sure you will do very well at your new job!
  4. Xandrith

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    job rescinded
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  5. Sikamikanico

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    Well deserved! Congratulations!
  6. Blaze

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    Congradulations man! I've known for awhile but I'm really glad I could help you get where you are. Hopefully I'll be there with you soon, so that you can jump in my backpack! ;) Until then, good luck!
  7. SaltyKoala

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    Orion and Pegasus.Halo is Dead
  8. MrDeliciousman9

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    Congratulations!!!!! You are living our dreams. Lol i blame you for any bad maps in the future.
  9. Sethiroth

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    @Black Picture - Congrats man. I am looking for to seeing what you make. Good Luck

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