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    I have a forge map I began creating as soon as Halo 5 came out, but have shelved it until recently. In fact, I've never completed a single map for Halo 5.

    I now have my map's geometry finished and have all the game type items and cinematic in there, but am having multiple object setting issues that are effecting when certain things spawn or not and keeping my cinematics from working the way they are shown correctly working in the forge preview.

    Question #1
    I have two Mantis on the map, and want them to spawn for all game types except for FFA types, particularly FFA slayer. I tried a few settings, but they end up turning them off for all game types.

    Question #2 (Answered)
    My intro cinematic aren't working for the race game type. I borrowed all the race elements from the 343 race map and the game works fine. However, the cinematic in 343's forge map are only for that map and thus have no specific game types associated.

    I've been able to get them to almost work, but not completely when race is played, but now, I've been trying s much to tweak all the cameras to work with all the game types that the cameras I have set aside for race, no longer work at all.

    Any one who's set up their maps to incorporate race into a more typical map that plays all the other game types?

    Update: I changed the two race-specific cameras to "minigame:include" in the labels area of the setting and now they work.

    Question #3
    My players aren't shown in the opening or closing (winner's) cinematic as they are typically supposed to.

    Question #4
    Regarding CTF spawning, in the last iterations of forge, there was a flag-away spawn area. How is that dealt with now? I've been in many of 343's maps and don't see any special spawn areas that appear to deal with this. Am I missing something here?

    Let me know how to fix one or all of these things or if you'd like to jump into forge with me to check the issues out first hand.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Giving them the label Slayer (Free-for-All):Include should do this. (and other include labels for other FFA gametypes but I don't remember which are FFA, except Infection but DO NOT DO THAT)

    You need to place an Animation Location object. Make sure the object is the same team as the cameras, and has the correct shot settings (i.e. Outro Shot 1 if that's where you want it to be) and of course make sure it's in the field of view of the appropriate camera.
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    Thanks for the help. I finally posted the map.

    There is another issue. I'd like to have both the race game type and KOTH on my map, but I'm not sure how to get multiple mini games into a map without them messing one another up due to scripting.

    Anyone know of any existing maps that have both race and KOTH in them?
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