50 bucks for a H2A map

Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by Buddy Jumps, Aug 22, 2019.

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    this dude hit me up on Xbox Live, big fan of Quake and Halo 2. Doesn't have a computer or a phone, that's why I'm posting this to help him out.
    Basically, he wants a good forger to make Blood Covenant from Quake Champions in H2A... Yes, H2A. He gives the first one, who completes this task well, 50 bucks.

    His gamertag: Death God Phage

    Hit him up, if you're interested and want to know the details. Peace.
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    He messaged me too, but I told him I didn't know anyone who still forged in H2A.
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    Got the same message. $50 would be like $2/Hour with how I forge, lmao. The money has nothing to do with it though. Forging a remake from an older game would never hold my interest long enough to actually complete it. I expect they'll find someone to take them up on the offer though. Who was it that was talking about forge other peoples maps for them for a fee a couple of years ago? This is like the perfect fit.
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