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    Last week, the doubles playlist went live with the Spring 2019 season update. This included changes to the dev maps II sethiroth II and I worked on to align them better with 4 players. Including weapon spawn time, placement, etc alongside some minor geometry changes. In addition to this I introduced 4 community made forge maps that were present in the previous Community Doubles playlist and iterated on throughout the few rotations. You can read about the changes in the change log that I will release below.


    While the playlist is doing very well as it is fresh, we've received very little actionable feedback from the thread. So I'd like for anyone playing the refreshed playlist and interested in sharing their experiences, I would love to hear your opinions so we can improve upon what is there and or validate any of the changes that are performing as intended.

    I have been also playing this playlist a ton myself before and after release but it's always good to put our heads together! Please be as constructive as possible and be understanding when interacting with others if your opinions differ!

    Thanks everyone!

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    I personally love the addition of the new maps. I was playing them quite a bit as it brought new life to doubles. Can't thank you enough for the hard work you guys put in to make this possible.
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    If I reworked Dodecahedron for 2v2 would y'all add it as the mindmelter map?

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