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    Crank those Crisp Filters up to 11, the submission thread for ForgeHub's latest forge contest is now open! With each passing day, I am further stunned that the powers at be have allowed for my crimes to subsist unabated with the name 2v2 Contest Boogaloo. That leaves a lot to be desired in the descriptive-writing department, does it not? What exactly is a Boogaloo? For those of you who may be just joining us or simply wish to whet your curiosity further, allow me to break down the basics of how we at ForgeHub define a Boogaloo.
    • 2v2 Slayer maps only. (Gametype is a slightly modified HCS Slayer variant, no radar, 15 minute limit etc.)
    • Submission deadline is January 1st, 2020 at 11:59 PM, our longest deadline yet!
    • Judges: Sethiroth, Max Extra, S0ul Flame and Whos Blaze
    • Prizes (limited to one per person) of up to $500, swanky ForgeHub T-shirts and all the associated clout
    • For more details and FAQ, please check out our official announcement/rules article here!
    Please post your submissions to the 2v2 Contest Boogaloo in this thread, following the format below. If the format is not followed, we may request that you change your submission post. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Please note that any unrelated posts in this thread will be removed. THIS THREAD EXISTS FOR SUBMISSIONS ONLY. If you have further questions, please direct them to the announcement thread here.


    Map Name:
    Co-Forgers (optional):
    ForgeHub Map Link:
    Screenshots (minimum of 1 per map):
    A Short Description of your Map:


    Map Name: Dugout
    Gamertag: xConnieCat
    Co-Forgers: Max Extra, The 0micron
    Link: Dugout Map Link

    An under-construction UNSC refinery on a desert vista planet.

    We are very excited for what this contest means for ForgeHub's community, and Halo's community as a whole! Being able to offer stunning new layouts and eye-candy for a humble gathering of four players will be explosive for fans who are craving something new in this unfortunate Halo content drought. I'll leave you with a parting gift; always remember, crashed Pelicans are cruise-control for cool content creation. Do with that information what you will.

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