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    Team up with a friend to conquer this legendary golf course!

    GWQ 2- B.png GWQ 4- I.jpg GWQ 5-A.png GWQ 6-A.PNG

    For the month of March, the 2 player tournament awaits to test your team's skills across all 18 holes. Compete for the coveted trophies and Amazon gift cards until Mar 31, 2018!

    THIS IS NO ORDINARY GOLF! Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, hit golf shots, and defeat bosses in this adventure course. Travel across the coast, the sea, underwater, desert, mountains, and even space in your wild quest. The series started over a year ago and it is time to put the community's skills to the test!

    May the odds, er, balls…be ever in your favor! Level links here:


    Level 3: WATER WAKER
    Level 4: GERUDO GORGE
    Level 5: SKYRIM SUMMIT
    TWO PERSON BEST BALL (2 players only)

    —FINISH ALL 6 MAPS WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF STROKES. The main part of this focuses on the golf shots. If you hit the ball off the tee, it counts as a stroke. Time is not as much of a factor, but you will get 1 stroke added for every 5 minutes you spend in the level. Submit your best playthrough of each map.

    - 1st place team receives two 6 ¾” trophies with inscription and two $50 Amazon gift cards
    2 Team Trophy.jpg
    Trophies will read:

    - 2nd place team receives two $30 Amazon gift cards
    - 3rd place team receives two $15 Amazon gift cards


    1. The theater files of your best playthroughs of ALL 6 levels must be bookmarked as they will be reviewed. Don’t delay in bookmarking so it does not clear from your history!

    2. The appropriate scorecard(s) must be filled out and submitted. Attachments are at the bottom of this post. The Excel format is preferred. If you don’t have MS Office, you can submit the pdf version—but you’ll have to do some work to fill the form out without auto-calculate.

    3. Must use the correct gametype. Golf World Quest Coop modified on or after Dec 29, 2017.

    4. You must play all 6 GWQ levels between Jan 1, 2018 and March 31, 2018 to be considered valid entries in this contest. Previous playthroughs are invalid. Level links above.

    5. No cheating. This may be a broad term, but in this case is defined as taking major shortcuts through the level. The intent of this contest is to test skill (maybe with a bit of luck), but it is not to skip level sections by pulling off a trick. Even with the dozens of times these levels were tested, there may be lag or other methods that may allow you to bypass certain sections. The map author knows exactly where he put all invisible blockers, kill zones, teleporters etc. Disqualifications will include, but not limited to, the following: modifying the original maps in anyway, skipping a specific obstacle or section in the map, head/weapon jumping assists, using the incorrect gametype, modifying gametype setting (I definitely know who you are)

    6. All qualified level submissions will be reviewed to validate the score/cheating. The final decision authority of cheating is the creator of the map.

    7. You must achieve a score of 1 on each map for the submission to count. Sorry, but it will not count if the server/internet loses connection. We know it sucks and we’ve been there right at the end, but we have to keep it fair.

    8. All of the same players must be in all 6 map runs for the submissions to count. Dropouts and rejoins of the same player for server issues are allowed, but be warned: it may end your game.

    9. You may participate in this tournament, even if you participated in a previous GWQ contest. However, you will require a different submission each time. You cannot use the same playthrough for more than 1 tournament.

    10. Modifications to this contest, used as a last resort, are reserved to be made by the host in this forum. Creators of the maps are ineligible to win.

    11. AFTER THE CONTEST: If you win 1st place in any of the tournaments and want to claim the trophy, you must agree to provide a shipping address. If living outside the continental U.S., winner agrees to POTENTIAL additional shipping charges (we'll try to work something out here, but this will vary). For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, you must submit a valid e-mail address to receive an Amazon gift card.


    1. Finish all 6 levels with least amount of strokes. 2 PLAYERS ONLY. See below on what constitutes a stroke. Each hole is clearly identified on the scorecard.
    2. All of the overall rules listed above apply.
    3. Your 2 person team must remain consistent for all 6 levels.
    4. Every 5 minutes in game will have a 1 stroke penalty. Your time is based on the Carnage Report screen. This can also be verified through your game history. The in-game timer varies in lag and can be way off sometimes, so don’t go off that one.
    5. What constitutes a stroke:

    A. A stroke is considered anytime the ball (or object in some cases) leaves a tee caused by your player. Whoever completes the hole/shot will have their personal stroke count scored. Therefore, it’s advised that each player rotates shots. Only holes with official tees will require a stroke count. Most levels have multiple tees or shots per hole number and the “best ball” will be used here too. This is clearly identified on the Score Card, but here is an example:

    In Pirate Passage, Hole #6 has 3 different shots: mast, skull, and cannon. Consider each target a best ball. So Player 1 hits the mast in 3 strokes, Player 2 hits the mast in 4 shots, and Player 1 hits the cannon in 5 shots. Your best ball score for Hole #6 would be 12 combining both players’ successful shots. Look at the score card, makes more sense there.

    B. In the later levels, killball shots back to bosses will NOT be counted in the stroke count.
    C. Creatures on official tees WILL be counted as a stroke. Unfortunately, whales and crabs were harmed in the making of these levels :)


    1. Bookmark your best playthrough of EACH level in theater files.
    2. Fully fill out the yellow sections of the scorecard for the 2-Player tournament (Excel preferred, attachments are at the bottom of this post). Send AsinineDefiler a “Conversation” message on Forgehub and upload the scorecard. Reminder: your time is from your Carnage Report or Waypoint Game history.

    We've tried as hard as we could to be thorough, but we're sure there may be topics we will have to provide clarification over the duration of the contest. Feel free to ask questions in this forum!

    It would probably benefit you while practicing these levels to look at the walkthroughs on Forgehub. In some cases, the intended method is the fastest option.

    A special thanks to the smaller niche puzzle/obstacle community. And of course, a big thanks for all of the supporters, Forgehub, and the entire forging Halo community—both builders and players! Now go set up a tee time and don't forget your scorecard!

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    Only 2 weeks left for the 2 Player Best Ball Tournament. What team will win the World Champion trophies?
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    Congratulations to brandonjohn8 and Gr1mReaper1020! They are the 2 PLAYER GOLF WORLD QUEST TEAM BEST BALL CHAMPIONS. These levels are extremely challenging and they conquered them with great skill. For 41 targets, they had 8 Holes in One! Overall, they had a total stroke count of 221, which is spectacular. A job well done and the World trophies are rightfully theirs!

    The 3 PLAYER TEAM SPEED GOLF TOURNAMENT just got underway here. The contest will go through April and May of 2018. Good luck!

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