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Jul 28, 2013 at 3:01 PM
May 23, 2010
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Jul 28, 2013
    1. Zow Jr
      Zow Jr
      Wonder what's with the community of FH's new troll attitude. I didn't really do anything to piss anyone off, nor have I ever tried to. This has gone one farther than mere joking. Wonder if it's because of my hatred of MLG? meh who knows.
    2. Confused Flamingo
    3. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Lol yeah.

      How have you been?
    4. A Legit Taco
      A Legit Taco
      Y u remove map? It was amazing!!!11
    5. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      We treat everyone the same, you don't get some special priority. You'll have to wait in line, like everyone else. Being obnoxious about it isn't going to help your case.
    6. Arctic Hunter
    7. Arctic Hunter
      Arctic Hunter
      I sorry Zow idk
    8. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Lol. You're funny, Zowzow.
    9. Sgt Surchin
      Sgt Surchin
      you need to fix the link for the mario map gametype
    10. NlBBS
      I feel like I've already covered this, but what the hell, I'll bite. I don't give a **** where or what you're commenting about, if you use homophobic banter, your comment is getting deleted. Grow up and realize the word "***" is offensive to some people. OR, troll elsewhere.
    11. NlBBS
      Just because I'm q moderator, doesn't mean I have to take **** seriously. I hope you realize this is the internet and I have intentions of ever acting mature.
    12. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      If you've made distinguishable changes, as in a V2, sure.

      However, if you have a verifiable excuse as to why you would otherwise want a re-feedback, I'm sure I could make a case for you.
    13. Shanon
    14. Oli The G
      Oli The G
      Your review is up on your thread. Hope you like it!
    15. Talons013
      Zow, I want to get a big party together for the final footage of An Urban Escape (new Infected Invasion) I would like either 8 or 10 players and I'm also looking for a date and time to do this, any suggestions?
    16. Pegasi
      When I saw this, I immediately thought of this. Considering how much of a massive fan of MLG I know you are, I'm afraid I just couldn't resist pointing that out lol.
    17. Talons013
      Zow, what would you want in a Forgeworld v2? Just somethin to do if your bored/creative
    18. serumembryo
      lol u be lookin at hat'z pic for 13 min...
    19. serumembryo
      Well see you around bud
    20. serumembryo
      Forge Hub - View Profile: QKT
      This guy? ^

      Hes asian
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    Zow Jr
    Hello. My name is Daniel Zow Martinez, but you can call me Zow Jr. I am a long time Halo fan and an amateur forger. I love to forge, but my busy life combined with my ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) make it difficult to pump out lots of ideas due to constant creative blocks. My favorite kind of map is Minigame and Infection maps and I am always trying to come up with something new and innovative.

    Anything that doesn't hurt or disgrace you


    Please note that any comments made by me ragin on sniper weapons are JOKES, and jokes alone. Please do not take it the wrong way.