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    1. Elliot
      Hey man, could I get the download link to your Station 92 map? We at BIOC have featured it over at Halo Customs. Bloodthirst: Infection Only Customs | Halo Customs
    2. REMkings
      By the way, I hate that we can't change the initial weapons or AAs
    3. REMkings
      Yes, of course we do :D
      And bro, you must have a lot of freetime that you already finished forging a map. I don't even have the game yet and probably won't have it until a few weeks :(
    4. lordcrusnik1986
      WHATS UP! when did you join? Anyway When did you want to do a map together, i remember we talked about it but never actually got to it
    5. Minion
      Thanks for joining man! Also I'm friends with ZZZ play on xbl (my gt's Beybok) so, if you need to talk to me, message me on xbl or vm me on forge hub! I also really like the looks of your map "the event" but I suggest to not post it on fh, because of the wall coliseum mod. Everyone will freak out at you about it. Lol.
    6. Minion
      Hey, I started another social group for infection, that is similar to BIOC, but instead of playing maps, we forge them and test them. It will be a small group of experienced infection forgers (maybe about 20), so if I'm inviting you to join, I think you are a great infection forger, and it would be great if you joined my group! Come check it out!
    7. REMkings
      No problem bro, I was just a little disappointed that I couldn't play your maps properly at the time. But it's not your fault. And I can imagine you needed room.
    8. REMkings
      Hey man, could you put both gametypes for the EoD campaign in your fileshare?
      I tried playing your map in one of my custom lobbies lately (could've been BIOC, not sure) but I didn't find it in your fileshare :(
      Then, one of the players luckily had the gametypes, but when we were going to play Act 4, we couldn't climb the ladder because the jumping height was too low. (It must've been an old gametype variant, seeing that I did use the newest map variant.)
      I know the gametypes were/are in a fileset, but that doesn't work anymore now that is down.
    9. REMkings
      Freaking scary video!
      Thanks man, means a lot. :D
    10. REMkings
      Okay, yeah I already feared such a matter. Oh well, good luck then!
    11. REMkings
    12. REMkings
      It's hard to explain, but I've seen a video on THFE as well which covers the same principle. Pretty much it's the same, but then not with a die but with fusion coils. You would need a die though because there's quite a huge area around the receiver that needs to be blocked off)

      [spoiler]Skip to 5:45:

      Forge Tutorials - "Mechanic Doors" - Glitch / Mechanic - YouTube
    13. REMkings
      An interesting way to delay the spawn of that teleporter is to block the receiver, but have it open up later on. The way you could do this is by spawning a die on top of it, and some kind of explosive somewhere above the die, in such a way that it will make the die flip whenever it explodes on top of it. Then, set the die and the receiver to 180 spawn time, and also set the explosive to a.. let's say.. 120 second spawn and place at start "false". Then, after 120 seconds, it will spawn, but it will just drop down since there's nothing below it. Then, 60 seconds later, the receiver and the die will spawn and the die will block off the receiver. And finally, another 60 seconds later, the explosive will respawn, this time drop onto the die and make it flip, opening up the teleporter. That way you've gained 60 free extra seconds of "spawntime".
    14. REMkings
      Sorry for the tons of VMs that I sent you know, if you want to you can remove them because I will send you a PM as well. The reason why I usually send VMs is because my inbox is full and otherwise people keep replying to my PMs although I can't receive any. :(
    15. REMkings
      Oh, I forgot to say:
      I don't know what you could about the "death teleporter", because I don't know if you're already done when you leave the building (never made it to that point as a human), but if it does mean that you've reached the end when you leave the building, then maybe have it spawn in a little later, like 20 to 30 seconds. I think too many rounds ended because of the death teleporter.
      If leaving the building is not already the end of the game, then I would just put the receiver right there so players can move on after all. Maybe you could do that anyway, even if it is the ending point, so there will be a climax of fighting in that one position since the remaining humans and zombies stand right next to each other.
      And well, for the confusion for the spawning zombies, maybe you can have more marks to define where you need to go as a zombie in order to get to the human crowd.
    16. REMkings
      So, overall already one hell of a good map, but if you would consider working on those two tiny issues that I outlined before, you would make me not only like the map, but actually also love it.
    17. REMkings
      ... For that reason, it scared me to be one of the last people in the row at some point during the game, but just a few minutes later, when some guys like you were picked off and I ended up leading the other humans, it was very scary as well to move around the corners and facing a zombie out of nowhere, with nobody next to me to help me out (because of the small corridors). And that, is awesome! I have never seen a Linear Map before where you could only get attacked from ahead or from behind, yet is so scary and based on teamwork. So a great, great job!
    18. REMkings
      + Weapons keep showing up along the way, but they're different everytime and don't have much ammo. This is of course just a basic principle for Infection maps and people like you already know this for a very long time, but it's still a good thing and it works out great on your map, since you can't go anywhere else other than to just follow the route.
      + The fact that you have to follow the route, which is basically a staircase, and can't move anywhere sideways, causes an awesome way of playing. Other than with most of your previous maps, you can't really get attacked from the sides on this map. On top of that the "road" is very small and there are a lot of tight corners.
      Keeping all of this in mind, at some point, your map really scared me, because no matter what: you do not want to be ahead of the other humans since you can get caught very quickly, but it would be even worse to be in the back of the pack.
    19. REMkings
      - Also, honestly I think the teleporter that sends you to your death if you stay in the building for too long, sucks. There was no way for me to predict when it would spawn, and even when you warned us it would spawn soon I still couldn't find my way outside of the building in time when I was a zombie, for the previously give reason that I didn't know where to go all the time.

      Some things I really liked already about your map, that I think are original and/or work out really well:
      + The spawning area for the humans is really cool. The fact that they have nowhere to go until the ladder spawns, but have to fight off incoming zombies, forces them to work together and stand next to each other. I don't know if you intended this or it just happened to play this way, but I think it's sick!
    20. REMkings
      ... I don't know a way to fix this, because there isn't really much you can do about the geometry of the building itself (it will always be confusing to some people because it's flipped over), but maybe you could add some kind of characteristic mark to some of the rooms, like a crate or a barricade, or maybe a colored block, to differentiate it from other buildings and even first time players know which direction to go when they're a zombie.
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