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Starkvegas. Yeah, I know.
Stealing candy from small children.

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    1. Chron
      So after that game we got on Immersion, I've got a few changes that I'm going to make.
      -More spawn points (mainly around the jump pad. To get some more movement in that area)
      -Try and get more movement towards the Grav Hammer
      - Make the rock bridge to the Jump Pad more obvious. This might result in removing the railings.
      -Add Kill zones and Soft kill zones. This includes removing the one at the rocket spawn.
      - Also might move/add/remove some weapons.
      Any other changes you think could be made to make the map better?
      I'll more than likely have these all implemented by the next time you're online.
    2. Chron
      I've got the jump pad. It's just the slight changes (such as the blocks infront of the Grav Hammer spawn) that I'm missing.
      Also you should throw a party. I've got my new modem working. :D
    3. Chron
      meh, it's alright man. I've got the older version of the map anyway. The one I saved before the 2v2 games with Rorak and Noxiw.
      I'll just re-build. I think i remember everything you added/changed.
      Also, I was going to give you co-forge credit when I got around to posting it. Unless you don't want that much credit. Otherwise I'll just give a special thanks at the end of my post.
    4. Chron
      Yeah sure go for it. I can't get online though. I bought a new modem and I haven't gotten it working properly. And wrestling is on aswell.
      Also, I joined the TG guild. Wanna help test two maps tomorrow?
    5. Chron
      I'll hop on now.
    6. Chron
      Yo Dawgtoober.

      So remember how I showed you "Get me a twinkie"and you and Cody were all like: ÖMG IT'S EXACT SAME AS AMALGAMAGAM GET RID OF IT BEFORE YOU GET ACCUSED OF STEALING.
      Yeah well I liked the idea of it and I started thinking of how I could change it.
      I ended up working out a rough design for a whole new map.
      Basically the centre is a hexagon inside a square which connect eachother with four bridges. Then there are four doorways that lead out of the square and into another much bigger hexagon(?)
      Must show you the basic outline of it next time we're both on.
    7. RightSideTheory
      picz and guidlinz.
    8. Chron
      FH: Yes.
      Live: Not anymore. I'll probably get on again in an hour though.

      What changes did you make?
    9. Chron
      So after my internet cut out I became pretty bored and then I thought "Hey, Toob helped me with my map, I should help him get an erection.
      Soooo. Pic:
      That's for going on about the Symmetrical joke. *****.[/spoiler]
    10. vesicles
      Thanks for making the games, it was a good time. Dont hesitate to send an invite in the future - if I am free I usually play.
    11. SpecterCody
      Sure I am out of ideas as well
    12. CaMOfo
      Oh, I didn't hear of that?
    13. CaMOfo
      sign it.
    14. CaMOfo
    15. SargeantSarcasm
      Two weeks from today.
    16. Bloo Jay
    17. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      Youtuber 4 B& '11
    18. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      If the author wants to edit his thread with proper screenshots, he can PM me. I`ll edit that into my post now.
    19. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay
      Next time, report. Don't post.
    20. Bloo Jay
      Bloo Jay

      Thread will be full of spam.
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