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Starkvegas. Yeah, I know.
Stealing candy from small children.

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Ancient, from Starkvegas. Yeah, I know.

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Mar 9, 2016
    1. Silent oo death
      Silent oo death
      Just like to say I was here. Childhood was pretty damn sweet. (I still haven't payed you :)
    2. Playerhata27
      Hey, this is just completely random, but if you're ever to come back I'd like to apologize for being such an ass to you back in the day. I used to be such a butt hurt little kid. Anyway, you'll probably never read this, but yeah sorry ;~;
    3. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      rhino testicles
    4. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      already did babe
    5. Epolixa
      That's a very good idea, but I'm also trying to bump my thread as much as possible for the same reasons. When the preview thread is complete, I'll modify the original post with copies of all the pictures. That way, I can use both strategies ;]
    6. Chron
      I wasn't asking you to. :P
      You want me to get on SexBawks?
    7. Chron
      Yeah. Not one comment about the map. -.-
      and yeah sure.
      I'll wait for your reply to get on.
    8. Chron
      Get on the box now?
    9. Chron
      Not at the moment. I could get on in about 30 mins though?
    10. RightSideTheory
      Just a plan black border, sharpened up, and high-def looking?
    11. Chron
      Hey broseph. I got the structure you thought of built for the map. I've got it placed above the ocean at the moment but we can move it somewhere else if you want to. I'm going to try think of a design today. Hopefully I'll get some ideas.
    12. RightSideTheory
      Is that good bro?
    13. RightSideTheory





    14. RightSideTheory
      Dude, I've been so caught up in Real life man... I'm doing it now. I'm so, so sorry.
    15. RightSideTheory

    16. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      wat r dey tlkin bout!
    17. Chron
      I think Immersion is just about ready posted as a map preview and submitted to the TG. All I gotta do is set up some more gametypes. Which I'll more than likely do tonight.
      Have a look at it tomorrow?
    18. CaMOfo
      I just go on today.. practically everyone got griefed.
      I know it's really laggy... :/ Part of the lag can be blamed on a host finding a huge memory leak in the server and the other part can be blamed on Notch with his awesome programming skills with servers. (Running the server without hMod isn't helping much either/having mobs on)

      More RAM on the server would certainly eliminate some of the lag and allow us to grow to a larger server/more players but I doubt having that extra gig would make a huge difference. If I ever decided to advertise the place more then an upgrade would be awesome but I think most of our users right now like having that close knit community feeling. I may think about upgrading soon but we usually only have around 8-9 people online during the peak times, it really kinda depends if the users want an upgrade and I'll see if how much it would cut into my end budget.
    20. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      Probably not. If its at all inflammatory or aggressive, I will infract. Otherwise, you are fine.

      Just use your common sense; if you have to ask, the answer is probably no :P
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    Stealing candy from small children.
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