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    1. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Guess who finally dropped his balls?
    2. Auburn
      :p Kind of wanted to talk about design, but the thread seems to have died away. Also [spoiler]Blue Scholars-Joe Metro - YouTube Witness - Twenty Three (Featuring Emancipator) - YouTube Nujabes - Lady Brown - YouTube

      They're goooood[/spoiler]
    3. Erupt
      Definitely a fan. Definitely.
    4. Black Theorem
      Black Theorem
      Andre 3000 - Sixteen (Solo) - YouTube

      Domo Genesis - Elimination Chamber ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, & Action Bronson - YouTube

      Domo Genesis - Glory - YouTube

      ScHoolboy Q -- Blessed f. Kendrick Lamar - YouTube

      Curren - Pilot Talk - Breakfast - YouTube

      Stalley-"Pound" (Directed by Walu) - YouTube
    5. Rorak Kuroda
      Rorak Kuroda
      No, all three of those have singers, but they're all in the vein of progressive-rock or art-rock. This is interesting though, definitely impressive.

      hahaha, "Right this way, governor Bush."
    6. Rorak Kuroda
      Rorak Kuroda
      If you like this progressive rock stuff, I recommend Muse, Incubus, and A Perfect Circle. For Muse you could start with Absolution, Morning View for Incubus, and Mer De Noms for A Perfect Circle.
    7. Rorak Kuroda
      Rorak Kuroda
      Oh, Anathema. I've heard of em, but now I guess I'll take a listen.
    8. theSpinCycle
      All right, makes sense.
    9. theSpinCycle
      Although reaction time is quantifiable as an average, aim and movement are fuzzy. I suppose the judgment on whether the map needs work depends on the percentage of people with each opinion and the forger's threshold for change.
    10. Shad0w Viper
      Shad0w Viper
      I would love to get on xbox and explain to you my stance on quake maps or any other topic you want to discuss.
    11. xzamplez
      Anathema-Weather Systems
    12. Rorak Kuroda
      Rorak Kuroda
      What was that band you were talking about the other day?
    13. theSpinCycle
      Hey, xzamplez, I know this is random and I've posted almost this exact same thing in ten peoples' boards by now, but do you play skyrim?
    14. theSpinCycle
      Sega hasn't made a console since Dreamcast... Wow, that's a long time :P
    15. theSpinCycle
      There's a new version of the map (temporarily symmetrical) up in the map sketch thread. Mind taking another look at it? :P

      Also, is Mortal Kombat a game worth getting?
    16. Confused Flamingo
    17. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Does you catchphrase, "dumpster" trace back to the designated kill zone on the horse map?
    18. theSpinCycle
      Xzample, I opened up one of those atriums I had from the map sketch thread. Mind taking a look at it?

      I posted it in the map sketch thread in case anyone else wanted to see it...

      Oh, and the black dot's a silent lift (whose cross-map LoS is blocked), and the pink dot is the flag return point. :P
    19. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Well, no matter how well thought out the strategy is, it's all still in theory. There's no right or wrong way to play a character, and most peoples' opinions differ. I DO know, however, that:

      -She's an aggressive movement character
      -She's better suited to stringing together weaker combos than setting up for a super-powerful one
      -Most people agree that her fan throw is a huge part of using her correctly
      -She has almost no defencive techniques; it's all about consistantly pushing forward.
    20. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Got in a KotH game with some more or less evenly matched guys. I think my highest win streak was nine, flashing tens every time. I've been watching a lot of Kitana strategical theory lately; I think I'm finally getting good at this. Thought about picking up Mileena or Kabal as a tagger, but I think I'll master Kitsy before I take that step.

      Liu Kangs Kitana's ***** and a dragon kick-*****. Pick again.
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