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Jul 29, 2011
    1. MichMaster32
    2. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      I'm sending this to a few people I know from around the site,
      I used to be PJFan83, but Now I'm Given To Fly, kk :D
    3. Debo37
      Hello! You might not remember me, but I remember you commenting on my map Nooks & Crannies way back when. In case you're interested, a sequel to the map named Nooks & Crannies 2 has been released and I'd like your feedback! Please check it out!
    4. Given To Fly
    5. BennyIV
      DO you even know what your talking about. good morfing. wtf? also you necro posted that reply in an attempt to get your posts ups. that thread is about 2 and a half months old so try to know what your talking about before posting and read the rules before you get more infractions.
    6. XED360X
      wtf what?
    7. Widestoned
    8. XED360X
      i find that a bit weird that spam can also mean small message and no one has told me this before and now i have 50 people telling me that im getting infracted for spamming or double posting and even a staff called grif didnt know why this was hapening... thanks for the help!
    9. Linubidix
      like that last one.

      You must say why you think its an okay map.
      You have to justify what you say, otherwise its spam.
    10. Linubidix
      Its mainly on the maps.

      Always make detailed map posts, saying "this looks great" will be infracted for spam. Always put thought into map posts.
    11. XED360X
    12. Linubidix
      Please stop spamming. A lot of your post have been far too short and there's a good chance you'll get infracted for them.
    13. XED360X
      not at the moment
    14. Ryan. K.
      Ryan. K.
      You has any questions? Because you can ask me.
    15. Ryan. K.
      Ryan. K.
      Haithar dude.
    16. XED360X
      no i am not mlg ninja
    17. stin10
      are you just MLG ninja on a new account.
    18. stin10
      to post a map go to the forums page. then go to halo forge maps. then select which kind of map it is, like a minigame, or competitive. then click on start new thread. to upload pics go to imageshack.us. sometimes it dosn't load but just google search it if it dosn't. now go to your bnet screenshots and save which ever ones you want. now at image shack. click the browse button, and find the pics you want. then click enter. once the next page loads, find the direct link at the bottom. copy that. now go to your forgehub thread and click the icon that looks like a mountain. delete whats automatically there, and paste the direct link. now you have pictures.
    19. stin10
      hello and welcome to forgehub. if you have any questions, please send a message to me. to do this, click on my name. and again. welcome to forgehub
    20. MLG Ninja
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