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Mythic, from Tallahassee

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Jun 9, 2012
    1. JGarb
      Values is too cute me me;)<3 ILY
    2. Pegasi
      I'll definitely check it out, but I'm afraid I can't cap atm. I use EyeTV to capture from my HD-PVR but haven't been able to get it working again since I switched to my new Mac. If I do I'll let ya know but until then I can't capture anything. Sorry man.
    3. Pegasi
      When I come back, I come back with a bang ;).
    4. Pegasi
      Inorite? We had this massive discussion in staff entitled 'How can we best go about totally pissing off Values?'

      Mission = accomplished.
    5. Black Theorem
      Black Theorem
      Excuse me Values, but you have no right not responsibility to speak on "the entire community's behalf" if anime halo is spamming or not. If you feel he is, then report posts or message a moderator; there's no need to tell the person. I did not give you a warning point, because you did have good intentions, but keep this in mind when you have problems with any other member's posts or messages.

      Thank you for your consideration, but I GOT THIS! [/georgelopez]
    6. anime halo
      anime halo
      first of all if you do this again Im going to report you for I had some trouble reading what you said so you need to structure better too...I dont know who OP is and I dont skim I just can have trouble seeing some peoples text because I have the settings Light (Fixed)...and finnally I ask people to post about thier maps on their maps so the topics can stay seperated...Im not trying to get posts...I give my opion of the map and then Im done for the most please find a better use of your time than wasting mine...
    7. Pegasi
      Darn tootin'
    8. Pegasi
      You are officially the worst Halo fan evar!
    9. Pegasi
      Also, 117 posts!

      You are henceforth banned from posting anywhere except OT/GnA, this will be enforced with my new moderator powers ;).
    10. Pegasi

      Any time when Pistola doesn't win is bad!

      Though I gotta admit that seeing SQ finally get their W was a good feeling. If BtH can sort out their Sunday performance and Impact stay on form, we have the potential for an awesome top 4 here, should be sweet to watch.
    11. Pegasi
      Lol, new FB is making me pretty excitable too. Have you seen this? Holy Pistola, Batman! +15 putting RoyBox to shame!
    12. Pegasi

      Top men....
    13. Pegasi
      FB = Roy, Lunchbox, Pistola, OGRE2.

      OMFG. I'd like to say I saw it coming, but what I actually mean is that I wished to god it would happen but never in a million years thought it actually would. Sex in Halo Reach team form. Top 1.
    14. Pegasi
      Flamesword is the ****, every member of SQ is tbh, love 'em all. But I see what you mean about him in particular, so many pros called it for so long before it became apparent on the stream/with results. Dunno about Soul making the champ match, I think it's fair to say that they're on par with the Warriors/tDs/DHs of the top 8, but whether they can go from AM to shooting past those dudes is very unsure in my mind. And FB have said that they're sticking together, will be interesting to see how that works out, they have the skill and the chemistry, but they start off real slow and need some more drive. They also need to get over frustrations to reach potential, and that's coming from someone who suffers those same frustrations all the time.
    15. Pegasi
      Yeah, I gotta say you're right. Impact are really growing on me, though tbh so are BtH and the only player on that squad I consider myself a fan of is Cloud. But yeah, Neighbor is a whole different animal, really loving his new style. But SQ are the top dogs from my fan perspective, glad they won. They've deserved it for so long through '10, seeing them finally get there in Reach without question of them having earned it is great, I wonder how CBus is gonna look in terms of contenders to their throne? Maybe I'm just holding on here but I see FB rallying back after that disappointing LBR6 exit, either that or Pistola and 2gre splitting for another 2 players.
    16. Pegasi
      Nah I don't think so, I'll just download it if you send me the link and then cap it.
    17. Pegasi
      Yeah man I should be capping some for myself sometime this week so I'll do it then if that's cool. Wana send me the Bungie link? And is it OK if I just upload it to my Youtube to avoid having to send the file across etc?
    18. jpeazer
    19. Pegasi
      Hey man, just saw your post in the gameplay thread, thanks again :). I can also cap footage for you, HD and everythang. Again it'll have to be after sunday as I don't have my cap card with me, but I'd love to help out, especially if it'll get more discussion going in that thread.
    20. Devil95
      How could I shutdown That's like me telling Forgehub to shut itself down...

      How the hell does that work?
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