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Oct 23, 2008
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Promethean, from Sea-Town, bin behind starbucks

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Dec 2, 2009
    1. Sam
      Finish the sentence: "I've got a fever, and the only..."
    2. urk
      Bungie Favs are picked by groups now.
    3. Domo kun FTW
      Domo kun FTW
      lol it's urk, captain "I POST WAY TO MUCH CRAP ON BUNGIE".
    4. SargeantSarcasm
      quick question:

      for matchmaking submissions...would one word map/gametype names or colloquialisms that are also the names of movies and whatnot auto-disqualify the content from bungie review?
    5. mavrick145
      i think he's a little buisy.
    6. Star iz Legiit
      Star iz Legiit
      Can you please answer the question I asked you 3 days ago, it is under this post

    7. Star iz Legiit
      Star iz Legiit
      Hey Urk, Do you possibly think this might be good enough for Bungie Favorites.

      And, I was wondering about something else as well.
      I have been hearing of everybody that has the Vidmaster acheivements gets recon when ODST comes out. Well, I have been wondering for some time if their is going to be a new armor to replace it. Because in my opinion, everybody wants what they can not have. And if there is no great armor for them to want (RECON) then they might stop playing halo. All I want to know out of this is if their is going to be a new armor in ODST that nobody can have just like Recon was.
    8. Shanon
      Hey thar Urk.
      Well, I was hoping if you can give a look at a Social group here on Forgehub called BTB Shenanigans. We're making series out of it and it's pretty funny.

      YouTube - BTB Shenanigans Episode 1

      We have a few Forgehub exclusive jokes thrown in there also just to let you know.
      Well, have fun with that mate.
    9. Awkward Silence
      Awkward Silence
      I see you did a better job of writing what I was trying to say about the Sandbox Scarab on Bnet. I can't remember what I wrote, something about "being amazed," but "in your face on Sandbox" is much better. Though you actually wrote, "Sanbox." Sorry if my English was kinda crappy. It was late when I wrote it, but I wanted to submit it to the news feed before I forgot. Thank you for accepting my submission!
    10. thesilencebroken
      ur a jerkface.

    11. urk
      Actually, I try to keep my list filled up with people I know. No offense or anything. I don't play with the few folks that I do have on board that aren't people I know and end up feeling like a jerkface for it anyway. :P
    12. ScarFac3d
      If I find out what your gamertag is will you accept a friend request? I'd be the happiest little boy in all the land!
    13. Hazza
      I know what it is :D
      Or at least I think I do.
    14. Roche178
    15. urk
      It's not urk. Some jerk has been squatting urk since the inception of Xbox LIVE. :(
    16. mavrick145
    17. mavrick145
      i think it's urk.
    18. Silent Slayer
      Silent Slayer
      whats your gamer tag? is it urk? or is it somthing else.....
    19. Whisper
      Less lurking, more posting.
    20. T4K Shadow
      T4K Shadow
      Yeh, i agree, your the only Bungie member who has ever sent me a message. Your the best! :p
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