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Oct 23, 2008
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Sea-Town, bin behind starbucks
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Promethean, from Sea-Town, bin behind starbucks

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Dec 2, 2009
    1. mavrick145
      it says on his Bnet profile that he hasn't played halo 2 or 3 online...........
    2. Mace
      Ohai. Howz going. I r guy who r ur freind.
    3. chrstphrbrnnn
      Urk I must say, the updates have become awesome since the acquisition of you by the Bungie team. Even if there isn't any content that interests me, your writing style keeps me interested and reading. I just wanted to commend you on a job well done, I respect your talents, as I am working on becoming a Journalist myself. Where did you study? If you don't mind me asking.
    4. xSharpshooter94
      um ohai i guess...
    5. squidhands
      This might be relevant to your interests. :-)
    6. RageGummy
      Show some love, put me in contact with someone who knows what to take for a QA Interview!
    7. Awkward Silence
      Awkward Silence
      Hi, I have a quick question about the Mythic Brawl contest: What if some of my pics were taken literally 3 seconds after midnight? Will they still be eligible? I'm sort of guessing they won't be, but I just thought I'd ask. I have 5 pictures in all, two of which are recorded as being taken on the 9th, but the other three were taken about 3 seconds into the 10th.
    8. EpicFishFingers
      Urk... Isn't that the noise someone makes when they're being asphyxiated/strangled?

      How come you're respected then?
    9. EonsAgo
    10. mavrick145
      Wierd and stalkerish at the same time....lol.
    11. IDave the Rave
      IDave the Rave
      So i heard you like to move it?

      Also which was the first message I sent you that you considered spam?
    12. LIGHTSOUT225
      Hey Urk, was hoping for a response to the PM I sent your way a week or so ago.

    13. Star iz Legiit
      Star iz Legiit
      Hey man, whatsup.
      I was wondering if you could add me on X-box live and possibly play some customs with me sometime.
      That would be awesome.
    14. mavrick145
      i don't think so, lol.
    15. SargeantSarcasm
      If I write you beautiful, possibly sensual, poetry, will it get on the bnet blog?

    16. What's A Scope?
      What's A Scope?
      Every time I misspell url, I think of you.
    17. mavrick145
      i hate it when people say that SWAT is only about magnums and Shotguns, there are other guns that Swat teams use! they'd use Smgs(mabie not dual wielding, but still Smgs). i had a custom Swat in which you started out with a magnum but could get the BR (no not the carbine, well not in the original), the magnum(obiously), the Smg, mabie 1 AR (mostly never), the sniper, and as of a few days ago the "grenade launcher"/brute shot(wjhich sounds dumb for SWAT but, if you think about it SWAT teams use Spaecial Wepons).
    18. Star iz Legiit
      Star iz Legiit
      Ohh,ok. So, Urk.
      I play a lot of swat.
      I am a 46 in the Swat playlist.
      And I was wondering if you and the Bungie team could possibly take magnums and shwatguns off of the Swat playlist.
      Swat is supposed to be about BR's, and shotguns and magnums just ruin the gamplay and causes many people to quit out. Every time I go into a game with either of the two, half of my team gets mad and quit, which ruins the game.
    19. urk
      We don't have an official Twitter.
    20. Roche178
      Hey Urk what ever happened to the Bungie Twitter account?
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