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Jun 7, 2008
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The boiling depths of Mount Mordor; Salem, OR
Still in School

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Uc Gollum

Promethean, from The boiling depths of Mount Mordor; Salem, OR

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Nov 12, 2014
    1. Boyle06
      Gollum, ive joined a website where you earn pts by answering polls and inviting friends and after 200 PTZ you can get a PSP or a WII and there is other stuff too. Ipods TVS and such also games. Anyways I would like to invite you if you send me your E mail i will invite you and you can earn stuff too. I have 47 PTZ and joined min. ago so you can see how easy it is. My freind already got a PSP and a WII with this site.
    2. makisupa007
      I just wanted to say that the clean budget glitched OLN canvas on the middle tier of Sandbox is exactly what I needed. I've already built a map called Coventry using it, and I am almost finished with a second. I was wondering if you have seen any other canvases like this. Specifically, one in the crypt or in the sky bubble that is OLN stacked and clean budget glitched. The idea of placing spawn points using a teleporter back and forth has made me try and hunt down a similar canvas stacked in the other two locations. Great work improving this awesome canvas!
    3. Vicious Vice
      Vicious Vice
      hey there guy. Im like Journo n stuff
    4. Boyle06
      Hey Gollum I couldnt comment on GoO so i thought i would tell you here if you are still doing Musuem the clue map you could do an "exibit" on the invention of fire with exploded vehicles under the map so that the fire comes out of the ground and try something w/ that. Just a suggestion though
    5. Psycho
      Happy 17th birthday! :D
    6. Blaze
      How are you? Haven't played in awile.
    7. Novak
      omgzorz gollumzorz uzorz suckzorz atzorz halozorz mlgprozorz
    8. Smeagle
      How's Terrain?
    9. dented_drum
    10. ticca tac 2
    11. Matty
      They will be forced to forfit 2v2.
    12. dented_drum
      I was talking to some GoO guys, and they agreed that something closely or even roughly based on THIS would absolutely rape.
    13. Sharpestt
      lolz ur dum
    14. dented_drum
      We should make sweet map-making love via Halo 3's Forge Feature.

      Translation: We need to make a map. My previous Forge buddy kinda quit playing Halo; so, I'm in need of Forge partner love.
    15. DeathToll77
      No, it's ok; very understandable, I too have lots of HW. Just break whenever you can. This is a relaxed group
    16. DeathToll77
      hey how you doing? I have not seen you posting any escapes or anything.......Whats up?
    17. Diminished814
      sunday is good. if your around
    18. Null Parameter
      Null Parameter
      When is Terrain going to be done? You've been working on that forever.
    19. Evil Ninja
    20. XDAO SoX
      XDAO SoX
      Yeah that would probably be the best. But Im busy all weekend except for sunday, But hopefully my partner wont be moving then. So lets plan on sometime sunday
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    Still in School
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