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Promethean, from The Netherlands

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Jul 29, 2011
    1. L0d3x
      I'm sure you indeed just KNEW revball would be featured, especially since you recommended it. There was absolutely 0% chance that it would not get featured, ZERO percent!!!!! Because you knew for SURE that it would get featured, I mean, how could you not be 100% sure!?!?
    2. TympanicMetal
      Yeah, but i haven't made any good one's yet so...
    3. Orange
      Hey, i saw you made some Halo Reach screenshots, you can enter your best one in this competition, if you win you can get featured in the site update.
    4. ..::Brotherston!x
      hey man
      its repins from rocket race
      to anyone who reads this
      i put in the 7 in my fs to get it some downloads
      first game on rr i meet this guy
    5. Agamer
      Please don't bump your map again. The last post on your map thread was a week ago and you posted on your map again just a couple minutes. When you bump your map like that it makes many members angry because your map gets pushed to the top due to you bumping while others have maps that they want to be viewed when theirs just gets pushed down even further.

      Don't take this message as me being harsh on you, I'm just simply stating the truth and what every one else perceives.
    6. Conkerkid11
      I like the looks of your Cube Project map, however if you want more attention I recommend you get rid of those four pictures in one, because the pictures are too small even when you click the bar on top. Also, the name is kinda uhh... not so attention grabbing. Perhaps when it gets more attention and you need to fix things on it or something, you could rename it then, right? If you need help coming up with a name just ask me.
    7. Nick Novikov
      Nick Novikov
      Nice map for 1st post. :)
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    My Halo Reach maps are pretty hot, so why don't you give them a shot.

    I also have screenshots and videos. You want to know where? Go check my fileshare.

    Just reccomend and download them to everyone you see, and tell them everything about me.

    I'm done with this Bio now and i will just press ''save'', oh and by the way, you need to shave.


    Halo Reach and any other good games.