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Le Mar du Teet

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Jan 31, 2023
    1. Auggie Burr
      Auggie Burr
      Hey, Would you want to playtest my map? I would really appriciate it or at least come in and give it a look. Thanks:)
    2. Matty
      Shogun 2: Total War - Imgur
    3. thesilencebroken
      It doesn't HAVE to... You just unlock more armor pieces/emblems/support and tactical upgrades to mix and match as you please... so unless you change it yourself, it's not going anywhere.
    4. thesilencebroken
    5. thesilencebroken
      Looking very awesome and unique now, ****.
    6. RightSideTheory
      I love Louis CK. He's one of my favorite comedians. And the ideas that he presents are both interesting, and usually true.

      But that doesn't change how the rules are set in place here.
    7. RightSideTheory
      additionally, it is completely absurd to get offended on someone else's account
      I'm gonna go ahead and say.. that's pretty much how getting offended works? Someone does something that offends you. Not sure what you could possibly mean there.

      someone who may or may not even exist or give a ****.
      It's not the point. It's against our rules. When anyone in a moderation position sees it, it should be taken care of.

      you arent a crusader, out to save the precious feelings of imaginary people.
      Once again. Whether or not you believe we have anyone that would be offended by that term on our site isn't important. It's been a stable of the forgehub rules for quite some time, regardless of which now retired mods added it, or the sexuality of those mods. And it's silly to think that out of the thousands of people that use this site you couldn't possibly offend anyone with a derogatory term like that.
    8. RightSideTheory
      I know it was a joke, but it's still a term you shouldn't use, joking or not. Calling someone a racial slur "as a joke" would be treated as something just as bad.

      It was a warning, because I saw that it was a joke, and I think you'd have had some consequences from gaining two more points.

      And, sorry man, it's a part of our rules and I support it.
    9. RightSideTheory
      Titmar, I love killing you as much as the next guy, but you're going to have to stop with the inappropriate nouns, Broseph Stalin.
    10. LD
      it looks like you've put a lot of effort into this map!
      Can't tell if trolling ..
    11. thesilencebroken
      I need ya online buddy
    12. Transhuman Plus
      Transhuman Plus
      Where Ninja played 2-flag while sitting in his chair;
      He even said it was fun, when the cameras were there;
      And TSB playing early, and designing a map;
      He wasn't dettered by reviews that were crap
    13. Organite
      I just needed you to know that your Office Space reference earlier made my day sir.
    14. theSpinCycle
      +1 rep for finding the triangle
    15. thesilencebroken
    16. thesilencebroken
      probably. mine grows slowly, and I actually think I hit my peak.

    17. Psychoduck
      Come play customs with us more often!
    18. Matty
      Heather Brooke: My battle to expose government corruption | Video on TED.com
    19. Behemoth
      "I see you tryin' to escape, you dump truck with ****."
      That my reaction to you trying to take your vote back. :3
    20. RightSideTheory
      Just curious, I was interested in the topic and thought that you designed maps using that kit. Perhaps I'll go bother skisma, though. lol
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