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Thom Barbarossa

Promethean, from Grand Rapids

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Jun 9, 2012
    1. Sugar
      Sounds good. I am currently working on several maps. I will need some help and additional hands for opinions. Also, I will try to make some more gametypes added to my maps in time. Thanks for the consideration of assistance :)
    2. Debo37
      Hello! You might not remember me, but I remember you commenting on my map Nooks & Crannies way back when. In case you're interested, a sequel to the map named Nooks & Crannies 2 has been released and I'd like your feedback! Please check it out!
    3. Thom Barbarossa
      Thom Barbarossa
      well you could left me a link
    4. ro-p-pimpman
      thanks for posting in my decode thread! Can you plz bumb the Bungie thread and I will return the favour
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    Grand Rapids
    Ronnie Malnati


    Awesome Maps by Me:
    • Refinery-A Big team Orgasm of fun.
    • Gogera-40 metric tons of om nom nom nom
    • Skynard-I hope they play free bird! [most recent]
    Also if i give your map a comment I would really appreciate a comment on one of mine if you have the time, I make these maps for you guys so i wanna know what you think.