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Jul 29, 2013
    1. EpicFishFingers
      I was bored. Now I'm EpicFishFingers
    2. EpicFishFingers
      When I looked at your thing from someone else's profile, your name said "TheRagingBea...". Therefore, I'm now going to call you TheRagingBeagle because that's what my mind guessed was the end of the word "Bea...".
    3. KFf SimpL3
      KFf SimpL3
      RagingBeast, Exire is only my second forged map but my third one i will put geoglitching in.....Thanks for commenting it really helps to improve maps.
    4. KFf SimpL3
      KFf SimpL3
      ha alright man i know how frusturating it is not knowing how to post a map. Well first go take pics of your map and they go to and then you go to and go to your page or whatever and go to your screenshots. right click on the pics of your map and save the pic. then go to and make an account then upload your photos there. Once you've uploaded them then right click and hit copy on one of them and during the meantime on forgehub go to Forums in the top of the homepage then scroll down to a thing that says something like forge maps or whatever and it will say competitve maps or MLG maps or whatever and click on which one your map is then, scroll down a bit and on the right side it'll say new thread and click on that, after that you put the description and the link to your map then right click and click on PASTE and it'll paste your pics. There ya go haha
    5. KFf SimpL3
      KFf SimpL3
      Haha The raging beast i believe i already have you on my friends list, at me at KFf Simpl3 and we'll play customs.
    6. TheRagingBeast
      i check the forums and still cant find how to post maps =[ i fail...... can any1 please please please post maybe a vid or DETAILED explanation? plus rep if you do
    7. TheRagingBeast
      okay sorry man, i was new to all that stuff and i didnt know how. ill go back and edit it
    8. LIGHTSOUT225
      please just use one single blog for all of your maps in the future. It really clutters up the recent blogs list. You kinda just took over the whole blog section there with just about nothing.
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