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Mar 6, 2016
    1. TheClubhouse
      If you can give me some feedback whenever you or the other Cartographers play it, that'd be great! Thanks!

      - Added FFA up to 16 players
      - Adjusted the respawn time for the crate in the center that allows you to use the grav jumps.
      - Fixed some Z-fighting
      - Changes to the base design. Made the lower enterance much larger (You can drive up it now)
      - Further reduces piece count with base rebuild.
      - Asymetric offense gets Wraith (No respawn) instead of Rocket hog (No respawn) to start round
      - Added Speedpile, Headhunter, Oddball (For Multi-team) and fixed up territories.
      - More corrections made to both respawn zoning & softkill rooftop
      - Added another garage to each base, to add additional safe spawning.
      - Brought the Rocket hog back. Only spawns at start with no respawn
      - Small weapon movements
      - Removed bridges and installed mancannons accessible only by NON-flag carriers.
      - Now supports King of the hill
      - Added 4-player Multi-team (Slayer or KOTH)
    2. Insane54
      Awesome. I'm glad you're dedicated to keep improving it! A description of what's changed would help too :)
    3. Insane54
      Link? I'm at work, sooo...iPhone n stuff
    4. Insane54
      "Ran the latest version, and got more of the same mixed reaction to it. The map requires strategy, and in this case, we won the CTF game while being outkilled. That frustrates some, others like it. Performance was OK." : Reach : Game Details
    5. Insane54
      can you give me a breakdown of the changes?
    6. Insane54
      I'm looking at your map Ferocious Kitty for possible inclusion in the Community BTB playlist....I need to run a few more games before I'm sure but I'll probably be throwing it in there for a final decision with Bungie, so if there's any changes/tweaks you'd like to do, you're on a somewhat flexible timescale.
    7. Noxiw
      Awesome! Glad I could help, off to watch the video. :)
    8. GR4V3mind117
      Hey I just moved your pics of Acrophobia to the OP just so you know
    9. Devil95
      Invite me, Lil Devil9597. I can solve your problem!
    10. Matty
    11. Fenix Hulk
      Fenix Hulk
      If you liked my map "Prometheus," then you're going to love Gatekeeper. It has been reworked from it's original design of Promtheus and has undergone many changes. See it for yourself...

      Gatekeeper v1.1
    12. Jpec07
      Just trying to be helpful, man. You've got a good thing going for you, and I think you have the potential to be great here. ^_^
    13. killa123123
      hey i see u were looking at my map Pondera v1, let me know what you think im really eager for responses/suggestions
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