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Nov 29, 2012
    1. FrozenGoathead
    2. The Fish
      The Fish
      Eeyup, I still kick ass at Halo as well.

      Was thinking of trying to forge again but this is the first I've heard of there being no filebrowser. What's up with that?
    3. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Still alive out there, eh?
    4. Waterfall
      Happy birthday!!!
    5. FrozenGoathead
      Hey babe, it's your birthday!
    6. Eightball
      Happy birthday.
    7. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Vinyl Scratch takes off her glasses. - YouTube
    8. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      Future Twilight

    9. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      The glorious princess of the night will return to her court when I'm done ****ing with Eightball.
    10. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      "[11:13:08 PM] Cade: Sorry, actually haven't been DS'ing, have been busy as ****ing hell. Left my xbox on for the past six or so days, and it was phasing in and out of "online," then my membership expired and I think its been offline since. Didn't have time to do that, since school randomly got retarded, random music festival, random commission which is awesome in every way, and I'm talking with a guy about publishing a collection of my writings, he says they are pretty epic.

      My life is ****ing awesome but I don't seem to recall what sleeping is, its been far too long... and freedom is within reach.... ON THURSDAY I GET A BREAK FROM ALL THIS STUFFFFFF"

      copypasta :)
      the thread is 95% done, i just need to finish a few images for maximum sexiness. if you get a chance, harass me like never before on thursday and you'll have it.
    11. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Hmmm. I have no opinion.

      I've all but forgotten about Past Sins. Right now I'm trying to piece together the backstory (before Luna/Celestia ruled) of Equestria using the ideas presented in Growing Pains and Paradise in collaboration.

      It's hard as ****, but I want to believe both are ture.
    12. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Logical reasoning, but the thought of Nix being destroyed makes me want to punch out my wall.

      Also, wouldn't Twilight absolutely resent celestia after something like that?
    13. Psychoduck
    14. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      Sadly, groups don't work that way.

      I'm not allowed to give people powers like that, even in a group I make.
    15. serumembryo
      Thats fantastic. I seriously never want to stay a way from this show. I feel like a hardcore fan when its only been a few days. I'm going to ask Rorak about that fanfic later because I want to watch moar ponies. Well it was nice talking to you man. i need to go
    16. serumembryo
      Yes. You may use me as an example.

      I hope there is never a feeling that im running out of ponies. Its such a great show. Kind of like the where-have-you-been-all-my-life type of thing. I feel like im going to get to episode 18. But I hear theres this fan-fiction. What is that?
    17. serumembryo
      Hahaha why thank you!

      I started watching it when Mingo told me there are people called Bronies that like MLP. Too be honest, I thought it was all for the memes. But Mingo said they actually watch the show and I had the face of many others. He told me he was a brony too and I gave him this weird expression. I wanted to try it out and he told me to watch Season 2, Episode 3. I watched the first quarter of it and I was all like "meh" for a few weeks. But then I had the sudden urge to watch it again. Then I was hooked. I watched too more and I was a brony in denial. Something like this:

      Spongebob Is A Brony In Denial - YouTube

      But then I admitted I was a brony.
      And then my glorious life has started.

      I am on episode 12 of season 2. No one cant stop me.

      Well thanks for welcoming me and ****. I now have a new impression on you.

    18. Psychoduck
      Looks like I'll be testing Abstract tomorrow. I should get you a pretty thorough feedback in a day or two.
    19. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      So much dune, as well.
    20. Jex Yoyo
      Jex Yoyo
      Sorry, it would be done but i got sucked into site update. Ill make them pay with ponies.
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