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Um...I think it has an 'N'...

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That Scorch Guy

Promethean, from Um...I think it has an 'N'...

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Mar 21, 2013
    1. Organite
      I hear that it be your b-day.
      happay birfdah!
    2. RoboArtist
      Happy Birwfday
    3. broccollipie
      Happy birthday. =D
    4. Nutduster
      Thank you! Just got promoted kind of out of nowhere by Rightside.
    5. Dax
      No problem :)

      Was that for a class, or just personal?
    6. Dax
      Yo dawg, I heard you like feebdax. Check that last blog of yours. I really liked it :)
      Hopefully I helped a litte.
    7. Nutduster
      You make a good point. More jerkery is in store in the near future.
    8. Nutduster
      I think I love you.

      I agree - if I get tired of matchmaking (I'm not wholly there yet, but I'm close) we at least have these shenanigans to fall back on.
    9. Euphorius
      Anytime dude. ^^ Are you talking style tips? Contract tips? Give me some specs or some specific questions and I'd be happy to answer them for you.
    10. Organite
      Yea same here.
      Journalism work is just enough to keep me occupied on the site without taking all of my time to do reviews.
      That all changing btw.
      The RH.
    11. Organite
      Haha awesome.
      Yea I started writing for the school paper for a while after the RH went on hiatus.
      My writing skills drastically improved.
      Who says being involved in the Internet doesn't help you in reality?
    12. Organite
      Ha ha thanks Scorch.

      And yea. I got it after I really stopped trying to pursue it oddly :p
    13. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      It's great that you're happy, even if you are busy. Good luck balancing it all, I know how it can get.

      But yeah, haha. Life is really just starting to pick up for me. I've found a girl I'm comfortable being in a long term, serious commited relationship with, and things just could not be going better, quite honestly. My days of being a hopeless romantic are over, I guess. XP

      I'm a junior now, meaning I'm quickly nearing the first pivotal point in determining my future. Teaching Sabre gets pretty tiring too... Juggling all these new responsibilities can be exhausting; it's all worth it in the end, though.

      I'm also an artist, albeit not of the visual calibur. So more empathy points there, I suppose. XD
    14. Confused Flamingo
      Confused Flamingo
      My school has, at long last, developed a fencing team, and I recieved the honor of Sabre Team Captain. :]

      A pointless gloat, I realize, but hey; you're the only guy here that'll probably appreciate what that means.

      How's life going for you?
    15. That Scorch Guy
    16. Audienceofone
      Let me know when you want to. My weekends and Fridays are all free, but classes and homework and my side projects keep me pretty busy.

      And yeah, keep a sketchbook and when you find something just practice. I dont honestly have much sketches, but thats because I spend about 5-6 hours on average on each, which takes up quite a bit of my mind. Though I have made at least 25 maps for my novel. This one is the best though, all i need now is to redo it once I get a tablet to do computer art. For now I'm happy with it. lately I've been designing suits of armor for factions in my novel (fantasy/ medieval) and I have got a charcoal drawing of a violinist going right now.

      I'd enjoy seeing some of your works too, if you don't mind sharing. The spread of art helps the artist and the viewer mutually after all.
    17. Audienceofone
      I didnt know you were artsy. Awesome.

      I took a Drawing I course last semester at my university, and my best advice is simply practice. Sketch for fun, and seriously sit down and draw. One of my favorite revelations is this: Draw what you see. For so long I was drawing that figure, or the still life. But that's not what the object is. What we see is a variation of shadows, so when you focus on those the object/figure doesn't matter anymore. You are simply drawing what you see, not that leg or arm or box. The idea of that really helped how I look at things.

      But yeah, whenever you want to talk shoot me a message. I can log on xbox if you want to chat live as well, just tell me when and if I'm free i'll hop on. Feel free to ask me anything, and share any art.

      Also, I'm super jealous your doing digital art.
    18. theSpinCycle
      Idk. But I've done crazier things in the elevator before :P lolz
    19. theSpinCycle
      Lol, nice.

      I was thinking of using the elevator clip as an avatar, but then I decided against it. :P

      Also, the pool clips :P but I couldn't find any on the internet.
    20. RightSideTheory
      What's your skype and steam tags broski?
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