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Forerunner, from MI

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Jun 27, 2013
    1. StreetSoccer12
      Hello everyone, Im back to forging!
    2. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      I'm sending this to a few people I know from around the site,
      I used to be PJFan83, but Now I'm Given To Fly, kk :D
    3. nitrotomato
      Dear Zombies, Inc group member,

      This message is to inform you that this weekend will host our Brain Feast Revival major infection event. After a long period of custom gaming inactivity due to exams, we are now restarting our weekly infection custom games, beginning this Saturday at 5:30PM GMT / 12:30 EST (Noon).

      The thread for sign ups is here. Please post in it to attract attention and keep us alive, feel free to fire me a PM, or post in our Brain Feast discussion on our social group's home page.

      I look forward to seeing you at this weekend's event!

      nitrotomato aka chonkemp
    4. bronco nud
      bronco nud
      hey can i join your mini game social group
    5. imperialsolider
      hey my accounts called imperialsolider and i just sent a join request to your mini tastic group. plz accept my request thx
    6. Sotha Sil156
      Sotha Sil156
      Are you going to update the minigame group page soon? It's missing a lot.
    7. STEClash96
      I have Pseudobulbar my friend. Which means I have a laughing disorder. I laugh at things that are'nt funny, when people are injured and when I'm in trouble. I always thought I just had a good sense of humour but now I know it's serious. It's not contagious of course, I think it's just genetic. Here's a link from Wikipedia about it.

      I just thought I'd let you know in case we play online and speak to each other and if you say something that's not funny, I might laugh at it.
    8. STEClash96
      I don't understand? You helped Wii Sports Thrive to the top of the games list? I got Wii Sports with the console, not separate.
    9. STEClash96
      I've seen that. I play FC2 a lot. Beat the game 2 days ago. I was shocked when I found out that the game was based on a true story. I have Fallout 3 too. Just bores me though. Then I have GoW2. (Awesome) and my gamerscore reached 6,000 recently. Then I have the Wii with Wii Sports, Sonice UNLEASHED, Super Mario Brothers Brawl and Carnival: FunFair games. My Xbox is what I play most though.
    10. STEClash96
      I've left Halo... I never thought it would happen but since I got a Wii and 3 new Xbxo 360 games, I donn't play Halo as much as I used to.
    11. STEClash96
      Hello there my friend. I have'nt spoken to you in a while. How are things hangin?'
    12. DeathToll77
    13. DeathToll77
      hawt W456q345twdgnhxcg
    14. zackj191
      cool! Just send ms a message on XBL.
      GT: zackj191
    15. zackj191
      hopefully yes. for christmas i am hoping to get CoD WaW for research. Do you want to help if I do?
    16. Morphine
      Why do you keep asking me questions if you want me to "stop talking to [you]"?
    17. Morphine
      Oh, I don't? Thanks for your permission.
    18. Morphine
      "I don't know what you mean by how I was leaving you out of a mini-game discussion, but I really wasn't trying to. "

      by kicking me out of the social group? I don't understand why I need to be you're friend just to discuss minigames with other people in the group. Why not just remove everyone not on your friend's list in the group?
    19. Morphine
      whatever. unlike you, I'm not going to let this personality effect me. If you want to let these events, which are completely unrelated, be the reason I was removed from a minigame discussion group so be it. If the social group is going to be a biased members only club where only select people can pick the 'top minigames', I'm not interested. All I'm going to say is before you kicked me out I was writing a post backing up your thoughts on dr.spy.
    20. Morphine
      ummm, actually it was you who removed me...
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