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Mar 19, 2010
    1. Grif
      Unfortunately I'm a Mac man so I can't get that. I'm probably going to get this.
      Blackmagic Design: Video Recorder
    2. Grif
      What kind of capture card do you use?
    3. STEClash96
    4. n00bsk00lbus309
    5. Matty
      Would you be interested in capturing me some clips for a montage?
    6. Linubidix
    7. STEClash96
      Lawl. I posted that message back in November.
    8. STEClash96
      Sorry for a doble post but I'd like to be your friend. Please PM me back. :)
    9. STEClash96
      Hey, I read your thread "My Evil Step Dad" and I feel the same for you too, my mom and dad split up after I was born. (Reason ~ Unknown and I don't want to ask either of them why) I see my dad every weekend, my mom has a boy friend now who she's been with for the past 2 years. He is kind of evil/annoying, he can be good at other times, but not always. He went to hit me before for pissing him off, but if he did that than he would know the consequences. (Sorry about spelling) My dad also has a Girlfriend so I don't see them getting back together & they also hate each other. I don't want to know why, however, my mom did say that he was ignorant and selfish, my Dad said she was annoying and would moan about something stupid, in the end, they divorced and I now currantly live with my mom, I wish ti live with my dad but he says he could'nt so it, he has other things to be doing and would'nt be able to look after me, even though I can look after myself.
    10. Dr_Justinn
      If you need a double partner, just holler.
    11. UndoingChales
      yo steeveness its your friend on xbox live, i got a forge hub acount
    12. E93
      Yes, yes, I am the one with the mental issues.
      I eat soup with a fork.
      Yes, that's me, retard kid!
    13. E93
      I have come to the conclusion, that you have mental issues.
      You say something, and right after, you say you never said it. Think twice next time.
    14. Dthen
      As a fair contrast, so did yours. Is all. :D
    15. Dthen
      I apologise if I sounded patronising... but pip ho cheerio, old chap.
    16. Dthen
      "Bad, rep cause I sold an account suck me"

      I believe... Considering you have reacted reasonably... I would like to say have a nice day.
    17. Norlinsky
      You're finally a user!
    18. Knight Kninja
      Knight Kninja
      hey man i was just givin it to you cause i approved
    19. Dthen
      Not a particularly nice comment, I would like to inform you I have reported you for saying that. I also feel your bad reputation was unjust, but I will take it gracefully and will not give it back - because I am nice that way.
      I hope you don't decide to waste my time further by flaming me for replying to you.

      Best wishes,
    20. Norlinsky
      I know. I'm going on right now to forge/matchmake
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