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Around the Block, from The Netherlands

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Oct 13, 2013
    1. xSharpshooter94
      Project Free TV - Watch all your favorite tv shows and movies online free

      search doctor who in the search bar.
    2. REMkings
      Posted Destitute in Chains :)
    3. cluckinho
    4. SpartanPeter
      If anyone needs me, and I don't really no who :P
      My internet connection will be gone for I don't know how long. Its a long story, my company has made a big mistake..
      So yeah..
    5. GrenadeGorilla8
      Thanks guy I don't know! :D haha
    6. Auburn
      we will give one final extension to February 13th at 11:59 PM CST
      You weren't too late, bro ;)
    7. REMkings
      Hey, you can now actually vote for Deadborough! And thanks for nominating it bro!
      (lol, I wanna prove that Infection maps also have a chance to get in FHF)
    8. Redy
      Dont get worried man, It is all fine, I'm just hoping for a proper time to do this, like getting the proper direction. I'm quite disapointed with my overall help on this to you, because at least whatever we try there is always something like the NAT status, or the Time Zones and even the routine of each other. :S What make me worried is not the unforeseen, but the fact that Reach forge is going to the end, and every day it becomes increasingly difficult to find people to test maps in order. But lets go, WE gonna get on that map for sure.
    9. REMkings
      What are you waiting for? Sign up! lol
    10. Redy
      Sure man, Trittons are awesome too, but I dont know if they are actually cheap. :P
    11. Redy
      Ok bro, this second map is FR or Linear? Anyway, I'll be on this friday too, since there isnt any concepts for this week, we can try it out a another casual lobby. But this time I'll get out in forge with you before it and help spawns and different stuff. By the way, do you have a headset for now/pretend buy one? it would help much man, really. X)
    12. Monolith
      No problem, I'm just glad people are so appreciative :p
    13. REMkings
      Veel vrienden van vrienden inviten, en ook vrienden van de gamertags THFE01 t/m 10 en A01 THFE inv. Die nodigen vervolgens ook weer vrienden uit (als je het vraagt of spontaan) en zo krijg je vanzelf een volle lobby. Ook zou ik vrienden toevoegen die vaak Halo spelen.
    14. Redy
      Since you get the same timezone from Rem, probably it will be late for you, didnt it? Because I think is a lack of 7 hours of difference, and I'm from Brazil, so my GMT is basically 1h ahead than the Standart U.S time, whatever, if you can join this time it would be perfect.
    15. Redy
      Yep, probably I'll enter in the Xbox by 6:00 p.m EST, by the way, what is your GMT? Because today I'll be busy all afternoon long, and the only time I have is by the night. Anyway, we'll try to organize something, if enough people show up, we gonna play on it first, and try to get some more fun in the end.
    16. Redy
      Ok, scratch away the big amont of DMRs were entirely good, probably it will play better for the zombies in the other areas away from that main corridor. Now with the tatical spawns, it seens that gameplay on the map will focus in Free-Roam, what is a good strategy, make sure to put more path ways for the humans so, better in the botton area that looks like a hangar with the turrets.

      P.S, you can do that with properly teleports, but remember that this changes can be implemented to provide more human cover. Just try to equal the advantages of zombies and humans, while doing/making the changes on it.
    17. REMkings
      Haha geeft niet, ik was op dat moment nogal geirriteerd door de connectie dus het kwam er bozer uit dan bedoeld. :)
      En ja, op een gegeven moment spawnt er een grav lift in de tuin beneden. (Waar ik stond toen ik last man standing was)
    18. Redy
      Oh Bro! Epic Pictures right here! Awesome! Thanks a lot, I really apreciate seeing some action. :DD

      About the Changes, sure thing about the 1th spawns, a good place to put spawns and not overpowered the humans are the botton of that square Letters, when the humans need to go up and down. I think that is a nice point to a Initial Scape. But yeah, the gameplay are really original and I pretty much like how it feels until now. By the way, make these changes and I think we can try testing it another week. ;) Cya!
    19. Redy
      Of course
    20. Redy
      Sure! Man, that was awesome, besides getting our Warthog Stucked like 2 times over the Buildings and finish in 3rd place that was Nice. ;D

      Check this out!
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